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The purpose of its creation is precisely to exchange travel tips with friends of the page, the different ‘tips’  we collected through our travels, share experiences, make known places through photographs, in short, everything that could be useful to those planning a trip.
When you go to an agency, we haven’t generally all the time we’d want to ask all to the agent; if you are looking on the net, it is not sure that all what they say is what we will really find at the destination so what is better than our own testimonies?
We  have people with experience in the field to whom we can ask our questions, small local businesses who would like to be known, bed and breakfast, hotels, guest houses, apartments everywhere and we could organize trips, group trips,  tours, etc.
It is a great challenge and we will do our endeavor to make our idea works also with your interaction.
Have fun and feel free to participate and spread the word to friends and family.
Bon divertissement et n’hésitez pas à participer et passer le mots à vos amis et famille.

Frida Kahlo Museum, Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico

The Frida Kahlo Museum or the Blue House, located at 247 London street in the center of Coyoacan; one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City. The house belonged to the Kahlo family since 1904 and four years after the painter’s death in 1958, was converted into a museum. The rooms show the work of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, as well as the environment in which they lived. Due to a serious accident Frida was immobilized in the column, but that does not stop her to continue painting and you can see the bed day and night bed she used. You can also see her studio, the library, the stove based on wood, their belongings and of course her works. Frida suffered since childhood (polio), the serious accident that left her prostrate, not being able to have children and her husband’s infidelity, moments that marked the pain reflected in her works. Diego Rivera asked Dolores Olmedo at his death and the death of Frida, the house was to be opened as a museum to the public except for a bathroom, which could only be opened fifteen years later. It was opened fifty years later, and they found a lot of pictures, clothes, books, toys and documents so they had to take the neighboring property to introduce these new elements.


The museum is closed on Mondays. Tickets can be purchased online.
If you want a guided tour you must book in advance. It is in Spanish, but it is possible to ask it in English if the group is 20 people or more.
There is another dramatized visit, made by an actress playing the role of Frida. It generally takes place twice a month.

Menton, Alpes-Maritimes, French-Italian border, France

Menton is a French commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department, located on the French-Italian border, close to the Principality of Monaco, and a famous tourist resort on the French Riviera. The border town on the Italian side is Ventimiglia. Lemon is one of the symbols of the city, thanks to its Mediterranean climate citrus trees bear fruit. Since 1928 the lemon fesival held every year in February. Known for its old town with its narrow streets and colorful facades and its stunning monument, the Basilica St Michel and Long Street with its art workshops. To see: the City hotel, the casino with Bioves garden (located on a large driveway where the Lemon Festival takes place every year), the St. Paul Garavan area with beautiful properties and magnificent gardens that surround them, Carnolès Palace (former home of Antoine 1er de Monaco) today Museum of Fine Arts and which garden is home to the main collection of citrus in France; the Pian (sloping garden with just olive trees like planting), Bastion located in the port that received the Jean Cocteau Museum, the Palace of Europe, the Riviera (ex-hotel), the villa Tempe à Pailla, the Monastery of Annunciation, among others. His most famous beaches are: Sablettes, Rondelli and Hawaii.


Menton is an ideal city for holidays throughout the year thanks to its Mediterranean climate. You will find accommodation for all tastes and budgets even that many restaurants and shops.
If you want to know the area, you can rent a car or motorcycle or just use public transport. You can take the train or a bus that takes you to Nice or Monaco.

Jean Doré Beach, Jean-Drapeau Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Jean Doré Beach is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. It is a beautiful beach of golden sand, with quality water, only 5 minutes from downtown Montreal; accessible by car, metro, bus and bike. It is the ideal place to stroll in the sun or do water activities, play beach volleyball or go swimming with family or friends. The maximum depth is 1.60 meters and the beach is supervised with the presence of several rescuers.


There is a free shuttle from the Jean-Drapeau metro that takes you to the beach.

You can bring your lunch but you will also find some options on site.

The Aquazilla attraction is not included in the price of the entrance.

Bring your sunglasses, protective cream, flip-flops, cap and everything you think you need because there are no sales of this type on site.

You can buy a passport for the whole season with an excellent price.

Open every day from June, 20th to August, 26th, 2018 from 10am to 7pm and the weekend from 1st to 3rd September.