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The purpose of its creation is precisely to exchange travel tips with friends of the page, the different ‘tips’  we collected through our travels, share experiences, make known places through photographs, in short, everything that could be useful to those planning a trip.
When you go to an agency, we haven’t generally all the time we’d want to ask all to the agent; if you are looking on the net, it is not sure that all what they say is what we will really find at the destination so what is better than our own testimonies?
We  have people with experience in the field to whom we can ask our questions, small local businesses who would like to be known, bed and breakfast, hotels, guest houses, apartments everywhere and we could organize trips, group trips,  tours, etc.
It is a great challenge and we will do our endeavor to make our idea works also with your interaction.
Have fun and feel free to participate and spread the word to friends and family.
Bon divertissement et n’hésitez pas à participer et passer le mots à vos amis et famille.


Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic sea border of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Its name makes reference to the dark forests that once covered the Dinaric Alps. Although it has a wide outlet to the sea, the country doesn’t have important ports because of a very rugged coastline although its main port is Bar. We found Mount Orjen (1,894m) which is the culmination of coastal limestone chains, Prokletije Mountains (2,534m) and the lowest area is the valley of the Zeta (500m) and there are also some natural cavities. During the last ice age, the most eroded in the Balkan peninsula spaces are in the country. The capital is Podgorica and Niksic and Pljevlja are other important cities. The country was part of several other countries throughout its history and since 2006 Montenegro declared formal independence. Its Adriatic coast stretches over 295 km of which 72 km of beaches and has many old preserved villages.


Currently Montenegro and its coastal region are considered a major tourist discovery of recent years, cruise lines have included it in their itineraries.
We also find two international airports and a railway network. Regarding the roads, there is still much to do.
If you like museums and art galleries, visit Cetinje and Podgorica.


Napa Valley, California, United States

Napa Valley is an American wine region in California, considered one of the most important wine producing areas of the United States. The combination of a Mediterranean climate, geography and geology of the valley make it a prosperity viticulture area. The level of the valley ranges from sea level to 110 meters. The American wine regions of Oakville and Rutherford are in a geographic area called Rutherford Bench in the center of the valley. The floor at the south end of the valley is mainly composed of sediments deposited previously by the tides of the Bay of ‘San Pablo’ and north, it contains large amounts of volcanic lava and ash. Several hills that emerge from the middle of the valley near Yountville are indicators of volcanic past of the region. The valley comprises around 340 vineyards that use multiple varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and other known varieties. Most fields produce a typical wine of the valley, and some choose to mix or assemble their wines, using wines coming from the valley and surrounding hills.


More than 100 places are open to the public with or without appointment and of course, you have tastings. A great way to explore the region is to take the ‘Napa Valley Wine Train’; a tourist train that will walk you to the heart of the vineyards. If you like shopping, you will find the Napa Premium Outlet with fifty premium brands at factory prices. You will also find beautiful local shops in historic districts. If you want to relax, go to spas that offer different therapies. If you want to have a beautiful view over the valley, take a balloon ride or helicopter. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience. If your choice is golf, the valley has 10 courses.

Rialto Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Rialto Theatre is a theater in the Mile End neighborhood in Montreal which was inaugurated in 1924. It is considered a national historic site of Canada. The hall is well known for its magnificent interior decoration, made by Emmanuel Briffa. Its neo-baroque style, richly decorated, has lots of marble, wood paneling, wall hangings, etc. The construction (1923-1924) is due to the Montreal architect Raoul Gariépy and he had designed it as a neighborhood cinema. Rialto featured films, musical performances and plays. The place has a capacity of 770 seats in the stalls and 600 in the balcony. The building that houses the theater also has other facilities such as a ballroom, a bowling alley, a roof garden and shops on the ground floor. It was sold around 1990 and Rialto had lost its cultural role after the sale but it was sold again and since 2010, the new owner has given it back its original role.


You can know about the different presentations on their website. The theater has an intimate atmosphere and if you are on the ground floor, you’ll still have more like that feeling. There is a bar and sometimes, you’ll also be able to have dinner during the show. The address is 5723 Av du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V 4G9.