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The purpose of its creation is precisely to exchange travel tips with friends of the page, the different ‘tips’  we collected through our travels, share experiences, make known places through photographs, in short, everything that could be useful to those planning a trip.
When you go to an agency, we haven’t generally all the time we’d want to ask all to the agent; if you are looking on the net, it is not sure that all what they say is what we will really find at the destination so what is better than our own testimonies?
We  have people with experience in the field to whom we can ask our questions, small local businesses who would like to be known, bed and breakfast, hotels, guest houses, apartments everywhere and we could organize trips, group trips,  tours, etc.
It is a great challenge and we will do our endeavor to make our idea works also with your interaction.
Have fun and feel free to participate and spread the word to friends and family.
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Moon Palace Jamaica, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Moon Palace Jamaica is an all-inclusive hotel located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The complex has three buildings, one for accommodations in very spacious rooms with a king bed, no balconies; another one especially for families and one last for those who have a time share. It’s a good resort, not too big, with activities for all ages including non-motorized water activities, a wave simulator and even water slides for kids. You will find several restaurants: Italian (one inside and one at the seaside), Asian, seafood and grilled meat, sushi, a pizza-salad-panini area and a bakery open 24 hours a day that offers different coffee and tea specialties, pastries and ice cream all the time, a corner on the beach to enjoy the famous jerk chicken, as well as an excellent buffet with a large selection of food and a poolside bar. The beach is not very big but there are sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere. The sea is very calm because the hotel is on a small bay. The complex also has a spa, a training room, a theater, a disco, a covered scenario for evening shows, meeting rooms, a souvenir shop, a tourist agency where you can book your excursions, a currency exchange office and a very romantic place to celebrate weddings. There’s wi-fi everywhere on the site and free calls to USA and Canada from your room.


If you want to know the city of Ocho Rios with its main street full of shops and the craft market, you can do it coming out of the hotel and walking to your right; it’s really very close. You can continue to the port where the big cruise ships stop and have a drink in one of so many bars, cafes or restaurants around. You will also find a supermarket where you can buy all the local products at a good price.

If you spend 5 nights or more in the complex, you will receive a very important hotel credit that you can exchange by taking advantage of various services offered on site: spa, excursions, romantic dinner on the waterfront, etc. Ask about it at the tourist agency located at the entrance of the hotel.

If you are traveling with children or teenagers, you will find dedicated areas exclusively for them with different activities offered.

If you want to swim with dolphins, you will find this activity on site at a very affordable price.

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is a region located to the south of mainland Portugal having Faro as the administrative capital. The river Guadaiana separates it from the Spanish region of Andalusia. There are two regions Barlovento (the western part), which largest municipality is Faro and Sotavento (the eastern part) having Portimao as its main municipality. The coast of the region is about 155 km long and has open caves in the limestone rock near the town of Lagos. It is a region very appreciated by tourism because there are beautiful beaches and its Mediterranean climate makes it even more attractive and many Europeans own their second home here especially the inhabitants of Great Britain so it is quite common to hear English speak and watch TV and read newspapers in English in hotels or restaurants. Apart from the beaches, there is also a natural bath; Caldas de Monchique. We find ruins and monuments dating from different periods, such as the Roman period or the period of Muslim rule. The region’s gastronomy is rich in seafood and fish, figs and almonds are widely used in pastries and there are vineyards that produce the wine of the region quite appreciated for wine lovers.


If you want to explore the region, the best time of year is between June and September. Frequent rainfall is between October and February.

Enjoy to taste one of the typical dishes of the region; sardines.

You can rent an apartment or choose a hotel in a touristy city like Albufeiras and from there visit the area.

You can also make excursions to visit vineyards and enjoy tastings.

Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, Spain

Santillana del Mar is a municipality and an autonomous city, on the west coast of Cantabria, Spain. It is one of the most visited tourist villages of the region; much of the city residents live from tourism, especially with hotels, rural accommodation and shops of typical products. The historic center is organized around two main streets that end at the respective places. The first street takes various names (Carrera, Canton, and del Rio) and will give up to the religious square, the first center of the city, which gives access to the Collegiate. It is divided in two: in front of the Collegiate Church, Abad Francisco Navarro Square and on the side is Las Arenas Square. These are cobbled streets. The historic center is composed of homogeneous stone buildings, mainly from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. To see: the Valdivieso Palace (Altamira hotel today), the Palace of Velarde or Arenas (transition from the construction of Gothic to Renaissance); the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana and its cloister of 42 Romanesque capitals; the Merino Tower (XIV); the Convent of Saint Ildefonso, among others. We also find many houses that have the coats of arms of the families to which they belonged.


Santillana has a hostel for pilgrims in the center, used in the Way of Saint James of Compostela and a number of hotels including the national Parador Gil Blas. We also find a campground.
Another interesting place to visit is the Zoo and Botanical Gardens apart from animals, it has a butterfly garden, a place with snakes and a space called Quaternary Park where there are replicas of animals that lived in the city in times of Altamira villagers. Altamira Cave, famous worldwide for its prehistoric paintings, unfortunately, is closed to the public.