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The purpose of its creation is precisely to exchange travel tips with friends of the page, the different ‘tips’  we collected through our travels, share experiences, make known places through photographs, in short, everything that could be useful to those planning a trip.
When you go to an agency, we haven’t generally all the time we’d want to ask all to the agent; if you are looking on the net, it is not sure that all what they say is what we will really find at the destination so what is better than our own testimonies?
We  have people with experience in the field to whom we can ask our questions, small local businesses who would like to be known, bed and breakfast, hotels, guest houses, apartments everywhere and we could organize trips, group trips,  tours, etc.
It is a great challenge and we will do our endeavor to make our idea works also with your interaction.
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Turks and Caicos, Antilles, Northern Caribbean

Turks and Caicos also known as the Turquoises Islands; are an archipelago of the Antilles, in the southeast of Bahamas, in the Northern Caribbean. They are about 40 islands but only 8 are inhabited. Since 1973, they are a British overseas territory. Their climate is hot and dry with very little rain and hurricanes are frequent in the region. The wet season is short, from October to December and little marked. The archipelago has limited amounts of water so the inhabitants are used to install tanks to collect rainwater for diary use.Their plant environment consists of marshes and mangroves on a calcareous soil. The average temperature is 29 °C. Tourism, fishing and offshore financial services are the main economic activities of the archipelago. Its main economic resources are lobster and conch. There are beautiful beaches. Among the activities, golf and water sports are held.
Since 1917, Canada is trying to annex the Islands but in 2014, the Foreign Minister John Baird, says that his Government is not interested in annexing the Islands but the minister Peter Goldring continues to pressure while the Prime Minister of the Islands Rufus Ewing maintains its position of wanting to strengthen the ties between its territory and Canada.


It is a beautiful place to dive, there are catamarans which organize tours to do it.
If you like fishing it is possible to do it.
You can also rent a scooter to know the different beaches.
We recommend you to visit the islands between February to April, it’s the ideal time because the temperatures are pleasant and there are less tourist crowds.
If you visit the Grand Turk Island, you can visit the Museum to know about the history of the Islands.
You can also visit Salt Cay, with its infrastructure recalling salt as the island of Providenciales with its plantations of cotton, its beautiful beaches and its coral reef.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo, capital of Sicily, Italy. Sixth port of the country, is located on the North coast of the island. Its climate and its exceptional cultural heritage promote tourism. The majority of its cultural wealth is located in the old centre: churches, theaters, monuments that will capture your attention, no doubt. It is also famous by its markets to the unique atmosphere. There are several districts as the  Borgo Vecchio (old town), I Candelai, La Vucciria among others, which are known to have a good nightlife with cafés, restaurants and discos.


If you arrive at the Borsellino airport, take the Trinacria Express train you will arrive in the city in 45 minutes without spending a lot of money.
If you arrive at the port, do not attempt by carriages and different kind of motorcycles that people will try to hire to you to make you arrive in the city by saying that it is very far, nothing real, you can walk quietly by visiting the old centre. If you still want to do this ride, do not pay the first requested price, it is necessary to reduce it because they usually ask you the double for ultimately will come down it to half or less. Make sure that the person has a tourist permit to carry you on this kind of vehicle.
There are 3 lines of tourist buses that will let you know the fair city for only some coins per day, take it at the station or at the port.
If you want to have a beautiful panoramic view of Palermo, visit the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia (Patron Saint of the city) on Monte Pellegrino (606 metres).

Key West, Florida, United States

Key West is a wonderful and unique place, located at the southern end of the Florida Keys. The road that will take you there is surrounded by blue water and sky. The place is located 260Km south of Miami, this is the southernmost point of the United States. this is a place that has long attracted writers and artists … some famous like Ernest Hemingway who stayed there long, his residence is now a tourist attraction. Tennessee Williams has kept his permanent residence there until his death, today it is the turn of Michel Tremblay to establish residence there. This is a good place to live quietly.


There are of course historical visits to make, as the house of Ernest Hemingway. But it is especially the adventure sports that attract us to Key West. We also suggest go fishing in the marshes where you can catch all kinds of exotic fish. But the must is the visit of the coral reefs, beautiful, you can even see more by diving and snorkeling. There are also the old decorated barges where hippies lived.