Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Paris, France

The Galeries Lafayette Haussmann department store are in Paris on the Boulevard Haussmann in the ninth district and belongs to the branch of Galeries Lafayette / Nouvelles Galeries Galeries Lafayette Group. In 1894, the cousins Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn opened Galeries Lafayette as a novelty shop and attracted quickly employees offices and small and medium bourgeoisie and after two years time, trade begun to enlarge quietly. In 1912 the new store was inaugurated with the Art Nouveau dome, glass and crowned by ten concrete pillars with its climax located 43 meters above the ground. He counted with 5 floors with balconies, 96 sections of sale, a tea room, a hairdressing salon and a library. It consists of bundles of ten stained glass, enclosed in a metal frame richly carved with floral motifs and it has a terrace where you can see Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The windows are all important to create the urge to buy in customers. Since 1958, the store launches ‘the 3j’ which is a sale at exceptionally low prices for three days that persists to this day. Currently, we find a lot of prestige brands, an area of 3,000 square meters dedicated to the sale of shoes, a large area dedicated to fragrances and beauty products, a large cellar and a whole store that attracts customers from everywhere being Chinese, the first buyers of the world, that’s why there is specialized staff who speaks Cantonese and Mandarin and there’s a section that receives the other Asian visitors with personnel speaking different languages (Thai, Japanese, etc. ). In total there are 5 other stores in the world: Casablanca, Dubai, Berlin, Jakarta and Japan.


Several tube stations are nearby the galleries: Chaussee d’Antin-Lafayette, Auber and Havre-Caumartin.
Even if you do not like much shopping, a visit is worthwhile to look at the beautiful structure of the building


The Blue Hole, St. Ann and St. Mary, Jamaica

The Blue Hole is a place hidden up in the mountains with waterfalls and natural swimming pools, on the border of the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary, at about 25 minutes from the town of Ocho Rios, in Jamaica. You can find two sections; the main Blue Hole and the waterfall of about 20 feet in height. You will find a path going along the river and you can walk from one to another. You can jump into the Blue Hole or just walk around if you prefer; the only thing is that you must be very careful because the rocks could be very slippery. The best thing to do, specially if you are there for the first time, is to hire a guide, he could tell you where it is better to walk or jump. Remember you are in a place that isn’t too commercialized yet and there’s no first medical aid nearby if something happens to you. On the other hand, the good thing is that you are really visiting a place in nature.


The site is open form 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

You must pay the entrance (15,00U$) and provide some extra money for your guide’s tip. If you are going with a group of 10 people or more, you can negotiate the price of the entrance.

Don’t forget to bring your water shoes, your swimsuit, a towel and a waterproof camera.

If you feel adventurous, there is a Tarzan swing you can use to jump into the hole.

Try not to visit the place when the cruise ships are docked in Ocho Rios, you’ll be better when there are a few people visiting the place.

Jardin Scullion, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada

By buying abandoned land in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in 1985, Brian Scullion had begun the development of his business, a production nursery and in 1999 he decided to diversify his activities by creating the Scullion Garden. This garden has a little more than 2,000 species of plants from around the world, many of which have had to adapt to the harsh climatic conditions of the region. This place is a pretty important tourist attraction in the area. You will find beautiful landscaping, buildings and infrastructure, several trails, streams, a mini farm, games for children, an ancient forest camp, picnic areas and several animal species. There is also a new development of 12 hectares with nearly300 species of conifers.


A very important detail is that all signs are in three languages (French, Spanish and English) and everything is well indicated.

If you want to visit the area of the new coniferous garden project, you can rent an electric cart.

Several packages are available to visitors and children under 5, accompanied by an adult, enter for free. For groups of 30 people and over, there’s a guide service.

Pets on a leash are allowed on the site, except at the restauration service.