Nahuel Huapi Lake, Provinces de Neuquen & Rio Negro, Argentine

Nahuel Huapi is a lake of glacial origin located in the Cordillera of the Andes which extends in the Provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro in the park of the same name. Its original name Mapuche (aboriginal language) means Islands of jaguars. It is located at 768m of altitude with an area of 557 km². It is renowned for its 7 branches and its depth (the maximum is 464m). One of the most important cities of southern Argentina is built on its southeast shore: San Carlos de Bariloche. The Nahuel Huapi is located in an area where there are many lakes and there are also many islands, the most important of which is Victoria.


If you like to ski, the area has several trails and the best option is to stay in San Carlos de Bariloche as you will find a very beautiful city with everything you need and lots of options for accommodation and catering.

If it’s fishing that interests you, you’re in the right place. The sport fishing season runs from November to April. You will find brown trout and salmon.

If you like hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding, sailing, everything is possible depending on the season of your stay. On the protected area of the park, you will find many free or organized camps as well as hotels, inns or huts.

There are several local tourist agencies that will offer a variety of excursions, one more interesting than the other, to places full of nature and magic like Los Arrayanes National Park, Port Blest, Victoria Island, Villa Angostura, Mount Tronador, the Enchanted Valley and the seven lakes among others.

Pitinga Beach, Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil

Pitinga Beach is located in the region of Arraial d’Ajuda, in the northeastern part of Brazil, about ten kilometers south of Porto Seguro. It is well known because it is surrounded by pink cliffs and also because natural pools are formed with the low tide. These cliffs have dense vegetation and this gives even more beauty to this natural environment. You will find small restaurants on the beach, showers, toilets, sun loungers that you can rent for the whole day. The sea is very calm, the water is hot and crystalline and the sand is golden. You can take a long walk or just relax and enjoy the sun. It is a very quiet place to spend the day or to stay around for longer holidays. Enjoy trying local food and exquisite juices or coconut water.


It is a great place to go with children since the sea is calm and with the low tide the whole family will be able to enjoy watching the colorful little fish in the natural pools. You can really walk a lot until you get to have water at your knees.

You can arrive by car, there is a paid parking, or you can take public transport from Porto Seguro (ferry + bus).

If you like crafts, you will find several vendors who walk on the beach.

Howard Johnson Hôtel Finca Maria Cristina, Brandsen, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Howard Johnson Hotel Finca Maria Cristina is 99 km from the city of Buenos Aires, in the district of Colonel Brandsen. It is a new concept for lovers of the countryside and comfort, in a rural environment, with everything you might need, so that passengers feel at home being away from her. The place has 55 hectares surrounded by eucalyptus and other species of plants, making customers feel in nature. The hotel has different options ranging from occupying space twice to the country house for up to 8 people, 140m2, garden with pergolas, swimming pool, fireplace or stove and outdoor barbecue in privacy and comfort, they have 2 or 3 bedrooms, some bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, cold-hot air, cable TV and independent garages. You can enjoy a typical home kitchen with 2 choices for each course, but if you do not want what they offer, you can also replace it with another option. Obviously, grilled meat, garden vegetables and the best Argentine wines are among the options. The hotel has two entertainment rooms or simply to rest. At the moment there are two swimming pools and the spa will be available soon.


You can spend a night, a week or rent for a month, from 2 to 8 people spaces.
The place is also prepared for family or corporate events.
If you want to arrive quietly without renting a car from Buenos Aires, you can do it by helicopter from Puerto Madero.
If you want to invest in Argentina, next to the hotel some lofts were built and they are available for sale.