Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Cayo Guillermo is a small island of 13 square kilometers, part of the archipelago Jardines del Rey (King’s Gardens) and which is part of the archipelago Sabana-Camaguey. This archipelago has more than 2500 islands and islets (cayos) and is located off the Atlantic coast of Cuba in the province of Ciego de Avila. This popular destination is known for its five kilometers of fine white sand beaches, its always calm sea, its shallow seashore and its clear waters of a beautiful turquoise blue. It is an oasis of peace for lovers of nature and the beach. Playa Pilar is one of the most beautiful beaches there. The archipelago Jardines del Rey has its own international airport which is located on Cayo Coco, the neighboring island of Cayo Guillermo. The two islands are connected by a bridge. The archipelago is also connected to the big island of Cuba by a dike in the sea of 27 kilometers long. Bus transfer from Jardines del Rey Airport to Cayo Guillermo hotels is approximately 45 minutes.


Some hotels offer a service of sharing, you must go to the reception of your hotel and ask for the bracelet of the hotel you want to visit but you can visit a hotel per day only, from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding restaurants à la carte and transportation between hotels.

Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo is an island in the Antilles, cuban island, located in the extreme east of the Canarreos Archipelago. This small limestone island is 177km south from La Havana. It is also known as Cayo Largo del Sur and has 28 km long by more or less 3 km wide in its widest part. Tourists are attracted by its beaches of exceptional beauty and scuba diving sites. The beaches are almost all concentrated in the southern part of the island while there are only swamps and mangroves in the north. There is no inhabitant standing on the island. Local workers work mainly in hotels for a period of 20 consecutive days before returning home on another island (mainly on La Juventud Island) for a 10-day break. In November 2001, the island was entirely submerged by storm associated with Hurricane Michelle.


The all inclusive formula lets you enjoy several activities such as kayaking, equipment for apnea, pedalo, the scuba diving in the pool, etc. Of course there are also other activities that you need to pay. The nautical club of the hotels is Sirena Beach and the hotels include the transport to get there.
Some hotels also offer the use of a bike one hour a day, others have a net of volleyball on their beaches, others have free tennis courts for one hour per day.
Activities such as courses of basic Spanish and Latin dance are also possible.

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Catalina, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Catalina is a tropical island of the Caribbean Sea, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic in the province of La Romana. There are no inhabitants on the island but it receives thousands of people through the cruise ships that let their passengers spend a day of relax, sea and beach. Everything awaits you to enjoy this paradisiacal place; you will find sun loungers, parasols, services, snorkelling, etc. A buffet meal will also be offered by your cruise line. The island is a small paradise with stunning white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. It takes half an hour to get there from La Romana. You can snorkel or dive to discover its colorful fish. The island is surrounded by corals.


When leaving the ship, do not forget to bring the necessary items for a day of beach, especially sunscreen, glasses and towels. The rest you can find on site and the chairs are free. But be careful in the sea because there is no surveillance.

Consider that you will be transported there by the rescue boats of your ship and if you have sea sickness, plan to take your medicine against transport sickness and bring it to take it before returning.

You will find local craft items so bring in a little money if you want to buy some souvenirs.

If you like Latin music, you will have the opportunity to dance or learn how to dance with the local animation staff.