The Grignetta, Lombardy, Italy

The Grignetta or Grigna south or Grigna of Champion is a mountain in Lombardy (2177 meters) and is part of the group Grigne, being the highest the Grigna or Grignone. Its form is quite regular and there are two sides: one to the south (with a view of Lecco and the Resinelli valley) and another to the north (which connects it with Grignone). There are also other well-defined ridges such as the Sinigaglia Ridge (it can be reached from the Porta refuge) and the Segantini Ridge which connects the Valsecchi hill to the summit, showing a degree of difficulty III. It is a very important place well-known by local and international climbers. The torrent Grigna, born at Canalone Porta, flows into the Caldone and ends at Lecco. The normal route of ascent is the Cermenati ridge (easy walk). The Cecilia trail connects with the Rosalba hut at the top and there are trails with chains. The highway connects the summit of Grignetta to the summit of Grignone.


The paths for regular walkers are marked with the letter E, while those for experienced climbers have a double E. These are very difficult and physically demanding tracks, it is necessary to calculate an average of three hours to climb and two hours to go down.

Trails are free and there is no control to record climbers; so be careful if you do not really have experience; taking the trails is just at your own risk.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Butchart Gardens are a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island in Canada. Robert Pim Butchart (1856-1943), who worked in the industrialization of cement, stood with his wife on Vancouver Island. They had a quarry on Tod cove at the foot of the Saanich Peninsula on the island and in 1904, they added a saltwater pond, a bowling alley, tennis courts and an orgue. Jennie, his wife, two years later created a Japanese garden with the help of designer Isaburo Kishida. In 1909, the quarry was exhausted and Jennie decided to turn it into a sunken garden. They chose the name of their property ‘Benvenuto’ and they began to receive visitors arriving in boats. After a few years the tennis courts has been replaced by an Italian garden and the vegetable garden has been transformed into a roserie. There we find many varied flowers, shrubs, fountains, statues and a carousel. A high quality food and entertainment service are completed the sculpted gardens. There are five gardens:  the Sunken garden, the Rose garden, the Japanese garden, the Italian garden and the Mediterranean garden. They usually receive over a million visitors a year.


If you visit the gardens in July or August, you will find a lot of visitors so if you want to make beautiful pictures without so many people go early in the morning at the opening (9:00).
Note that if you are a smoker, you must comply with the restriction of no smoking and go only on both areas intended for it.