Sugar shack, Quebec, Canada

The sugar shack or ‘sucrerie’ is the place where it manufactures the maple products. It lies within the wood where they collect the sap of maples in spring. This sap (or maple water) is discharged from the cells of the tree in autumn to allow it to survive the winter freeze. This is not the pure sap, there should be a transformation into maple syrup using a system of kettles and vessels where the sugar concentration increases at each stage. These shacks date from the beginning of the 19th century, with their craft and a popular tradition. It is a typical activity of Quebec but there are some other Canadian regions and even in the United States where you can find them. There are commercial or family shacks. From maple syrup, producers make toffee, caramel, candies, sugar bread, syrup, jelly and also alcoholic drinks.


You can taste a good meal or just simply visit the sugar shack, see the production of its products and buy on-site. A traditional meal usually has an omelette, ham, with potatoes, beans, etc, and for dessert, you will find the sugarpie, all with maple syrup.
You will also find animations and activities on-site. It is a good activity for the family, with children or friends.
The time to make your visit is from March to April.

Special thanks to the artist Cristina Benevidez Legault who let us have a picture of a sugar shack made by her.

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Mont Tremblant, Laurentians, Quebec, Canada

Mont Tremblant is a Quebec town in the Laurentians. The city is dominated by Mont-Tremblant (875m) that gives its name, being one of the highest peaks in southern Quebec. This is a tourist town with many ski centers and many golf courses even a casino. You will also find many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Despite economic growth, the citizens and the city administration want to live in harmony with nature and want the territory remains in its wild state. It is a place to visit all year long, every season has its charm and its activities.


If you want to know the most beautiful views and the secrets of the city, enjoy the free guided tour, available daily.
If you like a holiday with activities for all tastes, you have a choice of hotels that offer activities for the whole family or for couples. Pool, spa, golf, anything is possible. There are even hotels with excellent optional catering.
If you like walking hiking, you are at the perfect place with 11 trails, 1 to 9 km (return).
To get to the casino, you can take the gondola Casino Express and the free shuttle.
For a nice relaxing you will also find a center with Finnish sauna, Norwegian steam bath, river swimming, solarium, massage, etc.

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Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun Hotel, Cancun, Mexico

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun is an all-inclusive hotel across from the beach, 2.7 km from the ruins of the El Rey archaeological area, 10 km from Dolphinaris Cancun and 16 km from the airport. You get everything the hotel has to offer: restaurants, drinks, activities in the hotel, sports programs, etc. There are 10 restaurants and 4 bars. All rooms are non-smoking. The hotel is a family one with a section for children. You will find the Pirate’s ship in the section of the children’s pools with water slides and other games and activities that your children will love. There is also an area for teenagers with video games, music and activities completely dedicated to them. You also have a store to buy your travel souvenirs.


If you want even more comfort, the hotel has 26 suites with personalized room service.

There are supermarkets and other shops within walking distance.

To choose the spetial restaurants, it is better to look at the opening hours of each place.