Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

Whistler is a tourist town in British Colombia, Canada; in the mountain massif of the coast mountains and home to the renowned Whistler Blackcomb Winter sports resort. having allowed in part the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2010. Located at 120 km north of Vancouver on Highway 99, known as ‘Sea to sky highway, which runs along the Pacific coast and Howe Bay. The Whistler Mountaineer train joins it to Vancouver. At its foundation, the city was first called Alta-Lake due to Summit Lake which was the highest of the lakes in the region. At the beginning of the 20th century the mountain London Mountain was known popularly as Whistler because of Rocky Mountain Marmot that emits its hissing; officially named like that in 1965. Whistler is located in the traditional territory of Indians Squamish and Lil’Wat. It is the largest ski area in America with, according to some fans, slopes better and steeper than those of Switzerland, Austria, Italy or France, thanks to the impressive quantities of snow that falls each year. There are two mountains: Mountain Wghistler (2182 m) and Blackcomb Peak (2440 m). There are 38 ski lifts of latest technology. The highest point of the area at 2240 m offers a vertical drop more of 1500 m to reach the village. It is possible to ski in the summer on the Blackcomb glacier. Its Peak 2 Peak ski lift connects the two peaks of the area, being the longest in the world (4, 4km) as well as the longest serving deprived of support (3.024 km). On the 28 cabins, 2 cabins are equipped with funds glazed allowing to observe the village of Whistler as the cabin in the middle rises to 436 m from the ground.


If you are not a fan of skiing, the resort offers many other activities in summer: mountain biking, golf, swimming, fishing, even as sled dog and snowmobiling in winter.
If you would like to know a little more about the history of the native people of the region, visit the Squamish cultural centre. The building on three levels, situated in the heart of a 1.76 hectare woodlot, is anchored by massive Douglas-fir wood beams, while large windows give access to the spectacular mountain scenery of the region.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific coast; about 100 kilometres from the city of Vancouver on the mainland. It’s one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest. It was built in 1843 as a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post. Victoria, like many Vancouver Island communities, has First Nations presence, composed of people from all over Vancouver Island and beyond. The city has a great number of students coming from other cities or countries to attend the University of Victoria, the Royal Roads University, the Victorias College of Art, among other important institutions. Lots of tourists come to visit the city too for its beautiful beaches, for its climate, not so cold as the rest of Canada and also by cruise ships that dock at Odgen Point near the city’s Inner Harbour. You’ll find restaurants, night clubs, pubs and theatres in the city centre with different regional events all year long. To see: the Parliament Buildings (1897), the Empress Hotel (1908), Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria Station Museum, Victoria Bug Zoo, Chinatown, among others.


Victoria is considered an ideal city for cycling, you’ll find hundreds of kilometres of bicycle paths, bike lanes and bike routes.
There are other activites like rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, golf, water sports, jogging; that are also very popular.
You can also take a tour to watch the whales that are often present near the coast.
You can also take the ferry all year long to go to Seattle (USA).

Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Innisfil is a town on the western shore of Lake Simcoe in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada; 80 kilometres north of Toronto. Historically it was a rural area but being near Toronto changed it and now we find an important residential development there; there are lots of cottages all along the lake shore with permanent residents. The name Innisfil comes from the Irish, it’s an ancient mythological name for Ireland. The town comprises a lot of communities who were added along the years. One of them, Cookstown, is a hub of antique specialty stores and outlet shopping. The town has a number of beach ends and small parks throughout Innisfil that have access to Lake Simcoe for swimming.


I you like summer activities, visit Innisfil Beach Park where you can access to Lake Simcoe for swimming, boating, fishing and winter recreation. You also will find three soccer fields, two baseball diamonds, a public boat launch and accessible playground facilities and during the winter, ice fishers may use the boat launch to drop off and pick up their fishing huts.
Another interesting places to visit are Leonard’s Beach or Centennial Park where you can find covered pavilions, accessible playground equipment and a small pond. Both places are open all year long.
If you like picnics, visit the South Innisfil Arboretum, you can also do bird watching, walking and snowshoeing.