Cozia Monastery, Romania

Cozia Monastery was built by the Prince Mircea cel Bătrân in 1388 in the Valley of Olt and is the place for his grave and one of the most remarkable monuments of medieval national art in Romania. The building has had several modifications; they added a porch, a chapel, a new fountain and a guard tower in addition to its original architecture in the brancovien style. The monastery is covered with frescoes which were made between 1390 and 1931. It’s the only monastery in Byzantine style throughout Romania. There are other primitive Byzantine remains in the decorations murals facets with original stone rosettes and frames. There are also two Byzantine cupolas that reflect on the Olt River.


In the monastery museum you can see old manuscripts, embroideries and objects of worship.
Inside the church, you can see the representation of Mircea cel Bătrân and his son (near the entrance).