Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, is a private university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts; founded on October, 28th 1636. It is considered one of the most famous universities and 45 Nobel Prize winners have come out of its ranks and eight US presidents and other heads of states of the world also as personalities worldwide. .Known as the richest university in the world attracting students from across the globe. The real college, as we know it today, was founded in 1636 but only in 1639 it takes its name thanks to John Harvard, Puritan minister who had bequeathed his library and half his estate to the young institution and the name of university, was given in 1780. Between 1869 and 1909 she became a modern university with the schools of business, dentistry and arts and sciences. In 1879 women were admitted with the creation of the Harvard Annex. The construction of twelve student dormitories, each with a dining hall and a library with cultural, social and sports activities was made. Today it has nine faculties. Harvard also has several museums and exhibition centers and has several troops of amateur artists; each year 450 concerts and 70 theater performances are played on the campus. Several campus buildings are classified as historical heritage.


There are several scholarship schemes and subsidies to get in, they do not take into account the economic situation of students, all of them are possible candidates.
During the first year it’s required to reside in the campus.
There is the possibility to attend courses on the web.

Costa Rica, Central America

Costa Rica is a unitary constitutional republic in Central America with a presidential system. Most of its territory is located on the isthmus connecting South America to North America with the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. San Jose is the capital. The country has 1290 km of coastline and also has a small piece of land without inhabitants; Cocos Island, 550 kilometers southwest of the western coast. There are several active and extinct volcanoes. Being the Poas, Irazú and Arenal, the most visited. Puerto Limon on the Caribbean coast, is the largest port in the country. The Pacific coast is the most open to tourism with many beaches like Tamarindo, Puntarenas, Quepos among others. Its flora and fauna are exceptional, there are 6% of the world’s biodiversity; more than 25% of the territory is occupied by national parks and reserves. Thanks to abundant rainfall during the rainy season, the country is watered thousand waterfalls. The roads are viable in general, but often in poor condition due to lack of financial resources to maintain or build.


You can visit the country by bus or what is the most practical, by a rental car, but before you venture, make sure you have the necessary maps or directions to your destination because signaling is not good. Bring water, protection against insects, sun protection, juice or fruit, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and preferably keep your arms and legs covered to avoid bites.
The climate of Costa Rica is characterized by a dry season (December to April) and a rainy season (April to November).

Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang is located in the Andaman Sea, considered one of the best Thailand’s beach destination, predominately a family and sports destination. It’s not a place for people who wants to make the party or have a wild nightlife, there are only a few relaxed bars and two nightclubs. The southern half of the beach is not yet bordered by a road. Ao Nang is busy but hasn’t lost that laid back, friendly small-town feel; it is developed but still retains its original beauty and charm. You can find good italian restaurants, spas, beauty shops, where you can have massages for a good price. Thai food is abundant too and is available 24 hours a day. You can have all sort of accomodation, from traditional wooden bungalows to luxury 5 star spa resorts. You can also find lots of activities: snorkelling, kayaking, island-hopping, climbing, diving, fishing parks, elephant trekking, cooking classes, massage classes, temple visits and of course visit the other beaches and places by boat.


Railay, one of the best beaches, is only 15 minutes by boat from Ao Nang. Another good excursion is Koh Phi Phi.
If you like history and religion, you can also visit interesting temples.
Going to traditional Thai restaurants is also pleasant but you will have a lot of opportunities to eat Thai food in local markets or with street vendors.