Sicily, Italy

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy. The homonymous island, which comprised this region to 98% is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, located to the South of the country just more than 3 kilometres from the peninsula which it is separated by the Strait of Messina and at 140 km from Tunisia, which it is separated by the channel of Sicily. Its capital is the city of Palermo. It is the largest region of Italy and its territory is divided into 390 municipalities in their turn formed in nine provinces. It is the only Italian region which has got two of the ten most populated cities in the country: Palermo and Catania. Its flag, the Gorgon of 3 legs, represents the three points of the island, West point: Trapani – Marsala; northeastern tip of Messina and southeastern tip of Syracuse. The island terrain is often mountainous, especially in the North with the mountains Nebrodi and Madonie (extensions of the Apennines). The centre and the South are composed of hills. There are few plains, including the plain of Catania and the Conca d’Oro. Famous for its volcano Etna but there are other volcanoes in the Aeolian Islands: Stromboli and Vulcano, existing an intense volcanic activity. Its climate is Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot and very dry summers. In summer the island receives the Sirocco which is a terribly hot wind (more than 40 ° C).


Visit the island means to spend several days because there is a lot to see, cities the ones as beautiful as the others, rich in architecture, sea, mountains, volcanoes, parks, etc., much to see.
The ideal is to rent a car to go quietly through it at your own rythme. In summer there are possibilities to rent housing on the sea where from you could visit nearby areas. In regards to the food, you will discover a very rich cuisine with fresh local products that will make your pleasure at every moment.
It is the ideal place for a long holiday. The people are very welcoming and it will be difficult to leave…

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