Lanín National Park, Neuquén, Argentina

The Lanín National Park is a park located in the province of Neuquén in Argentina. It is very interesting because it has much wood or cold forests of the said type ‘Valdivian’ which are essentially large trees; groups of conifers and fagaceae. Many of them are present only in the region and nowhere else in Argentina and are several hundred years old. There are araucarias, lengas, coihues and cypresses of the Cordillera and others even as the Lanín volcano which gives an option of adventure tourism to the place. In its many lakes and abundant rivers, we can practice fishing for salmon and trout. The most visited lakes are the Lácar and the Huechulafquen. With national parks Nahuel Huapi, Lago Puelo and Los Alerces, Los Arrayanes, this park is part of the Andino Norpatagonica biosphere reserve. The nearest towns are San Martín de los Andes and Junín de los Andes.


The park has different areas with paths for walking, trekking even for riding on a horse or on a mountain bike. The paths are not very easy and it is necessary to have good sports shoes. You must walk carefully, you will find animals on your way also but they are not dangerous.
In the park there are no structures where tyou can stay but if you like the adventure, there are areas for free camping or organized one. There are also beautiful areas with beaches where you can spend the day, make the kayak or practise fishing.
For the more energetic, the ascent of the volcano is also possible.
You count with tourist centres in the nearby towns of Junín de los Andes and San Martín de los Andes, town where you will find ski slopes too.

Tafraout, Morocco

Tafraout is a small Berber-speaking town of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas located 180 km south of Agadir in the heart of the Ammelne valley. The town is surrounded by rocks of various shapes and is known for the beauty of its colors: pink granite and the palm grove. The main activities are agriculture mainly fruit trees and livestock. There are argan trees, almond trees, olive trees, etc. Tourism has started to grow in recent years. Near Tafraout there is a female agricultural cooperative in the Aguerd-Oudad village, which produces and sells argan oils and aromatic herbs, as well as amelou (grilled and ground almonds made from argan oil). Like several places in Morocco, this village also had its place in the cinema with a few scenes shot for the film The black stallion. You will find small cafes and restaurants around Mohamed V Square.


You can make a day trip from Agadir.

The valley is an ideal place for lovers of walking or cycling.

One of the most beautiful seasons to visit the village is in the spring when the almond trees are in bloom.

If you want to visit the souk, this one is held around Mohamed V square every Wednesday.

Ko Tao, Thailand

Ko Tao or Koh Tao is an island in Thailand located on the West coast of the Gulf of Thailand, between the provinces of Chumphon and Surat Thani. It covers an area of 21 km². The primary institution and the main port of the island, is Ban Mae Hat.
Its name derives from ‘Turtle’; many turtles which until a few years ago spawned on its quiet beaches and the curious shape of the island also itself. With most of Ko Samui and Ko Phangan and other smaller islands, forms the Mu Ko Samui archipelago.
The island‘s economy is almost entirely focused on tourism. Ko Tao is indeed known amateurs of diving everywhere in the world for many schools and sport clubs that allow you to get easily the ‘Open Water Diver’ diving certificate. Tourist guides announce the bottom of shallow seas, transparent waters and fascinating coral reefs of the island as an ideal for the practice of diving sport for beginners. The interior of the island is full of wild and lush greenery. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and the beaches are heavenly, the most famous are Sairee and the quieter than others Chalok, Mango Bay and Ao Leuk.
If you want to follow the course of diving and the certificate, as a beginner or as master of diving: there are many centers and many courses because it is cheap, then look at standard tourist packages that are very practical and cheap but be careful, cheap hotels are not recommended!
To move on the island the more convenient is the moto with mountain wheels if possible, because roads are not well paved, or aren’t at all.
If you like fireworks, there are on almost all beaches in the evening.