Agropoli, Salerno, Campania, Cilento, Italy

Agropoli is a town in the Italian province of Salerno in Campania; coastal and tourist town in the Cilento, on the outskirts of the national park of western Cilento, Diano and Alburni Valley, the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the southern end of the Gulf of Salerno and the south of the plain of Sele.
The city is crowned by the historical center, which houses the old city, most of the walls and the seventeenth-century portal. Along many streets and among the monuments, there are shops, bars and clubs that serve local cuisine, including agropolese pizza served in a wicker basket. It is reached by the slope characteristic of stairs, one of the few examples of steps to climb (characterized by wide shallow steps, for centuries the only access to the village) and the monumental gate that is well preserved. The door is topped with five slots, two of which support so many stone balls alternating with other cement and there is an iron cross indicating the year 1909, in memory of the sacred missions, decorating the wall on the edge of the cliff. Above the front door you will notice the marble emblem of the Dukes of Monti Sanfelice, the last feudal owners of the city. For local residents there is a street behind, a driveway with limited traffic. To see: the castle, the lighthouse Punta Fortino, the towers, the oven, the mother church of Peter and Paul, St. Mary of Constantinople church, the statue of St. Francis, among others.


The coastal zone to visit extends over a length of about 3 km which includes rock Trentova, known for the panoramic view that let see the connection to the mainland by a thin strip of land, the rock of St. Francis and a series of small coves which continue to the beautiful beach of Vallone. Wear comfortable shoes or sport shoes. On the coast there are bars, beaches and tourist facilities.
If you like the beach, there is a very long and beautiful one that arrives to the archaeological site of Paestum.