Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is a research institute and a university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston; specializing in the fields of science and technology, regarded as one of world’s best universities in science and technology. It is also known in other fields such as economics, political science, linguistics, philosophy and management; the most important is engineering with 2,000 students; with all its online courses on the Internet since 2002. It is interesting that students participate in scientific and technological research in their first year of study. 78 Nobel Prize winners have emerged from its ranks. Besides its faculties, there are the Lincoln Laboratory, the laboratory of artificial intelligence and computer science, the Nuclear lab, the media lab, being the most important among others.


The campus is open for visits by the general public from Monday to Friday, there are guided tours at 11:00 and 15:00. You can also visit guiding you with a map that you can find in the lobby.
You can attend various events that the Institute organizes, to know more, you have to go to their website and you will find all the information with the ticket prices. There are also several ones that are free.