Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Chile

Viña del Mar is a town near Valparaíso, in the region of Valparaiso in Chile. It is located 120 kilometers from Santiago by road 68. It’s a seaside town surrounded by the cities of Valparaiso, Quilpué and Concon,; also known by its International Song Festival that was born in 1962 and takes place in February each year. The most famous beach is Reñaca. The city has hotels for all budgets even as a Casino. To see: the Botanical Garden, the clock of flowers, the natural park Gomez Carreño, the Vergara dock (which is being repaired), the open-air museum, the Fonck Museum (with a genuine Moai brought from the Easter Island), the Presidential Palace, the Wulff Castle, among others.


Although Viña del Mar is a seaside city, it is worthwhile to visit at any time of the year because it is a very rich cultural city with many museums, theaters, shopping malls and other interesting places.
You can stay in the city or just arrive by subway, bus or rental car if your destination is Valparaiso. If instead you are staying in Vina del Mar, a trip to Valparaiso would worth it.