The Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, Tallinn, Estonia

The Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral is located in the historic center of Tallinn, Estonia. It was built between 1895 and 1900 at the time when the Russian presence was in the country. This is the work of the architect Michael Préobrajensky. Dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky, the interior can hold 1500 faithful and there is an iconostasis, several icons and many stained glass windows. On the outside there are Frolov mosaic panels and there are eleven bells, the largest of which weighs 15 tons. It was almost demolished at the end of the First World War when Estonia gained its independence but since there were many Russian refugees in the country, they decided to leave the building for their cult. In 1941, it was closed by the German authorities who invaded Estonia and was reopened at the end of the war.


The entrance to visit the cathedral is free but you can not take pictures or make videos inside.

On Sundays, there is a mass that lasts all day and tourists are admitted. You can enter and go out at any time of the mass.