Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, part of the European Union, located south of the Iberian peninsula, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar that links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean; this corresponds to the Rock of Gibraltar and its immediate vicinity and is separated from Spain by a 1.2-km border (shortest land border in the world); having an area of 6.8 km. The airport’s runway is crossed by the road from Gibraltar to Spain. The majority of the population lives in the West Coast and on the East Coast we find Sandy Bay and Catalan Bay. Its highest point is 426 meters and it’s the rock of Gibraltar, which is a nature reserve with over 500 species of flowers, populated by Berber macaques (wild monkeys) and in the interior of the rock, we find a desalination plant. Dolphins and whales are regularly found in the Bay of Gibraltar. Its economy is based on the services sector, mainly those related to finance and tourism being an ideal stopover for cruise ships.


This is the ideal place for shopping since all the goods and services are sold without tax. There are several UK stores where you can enjoy this advantage such as Marks and Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, BHS, supermarkets Morrison among others.
If you schedule your visit in September you can attend the National Day (September, 10th) where locals dress in red and white (the national colors) and you will see thousands of release red and white balloons.

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