The Andromeda fountain, Segovia, Spain

The Andromeda fountain is in the gardens of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso; one of the residences of the Spanish Royal Family, located in the province of Segovia in the Royal Site of San Ildefonso, with other beautiful fountains, being the highest and most important of the Horse Racing. In the middle of the pond stands a high cliff; Andromeda half naked, appears to be strongly linked to rocks and some geniuses who try to release her. There is also Perseus reducing the monster while showing the head of Medusa to immobilize him and behind Perseus, Minerva with her weapons to help if necessary. The main jet comes out of the mouth of the dying dragon and reaches a height of thirty-seven meters only a few meters less of the jet of water from the fountain of Fame. In Andromeda Square, where we find the eight streets called of Andromeda, there are some statues: Nereida with dolphins; Honor (the man in Roman costume, crowned with laurel and trumpet in the right hand); Cibeles, with a crown of towers and cornucopia; Faun crowned with ivy and a flute in his right hand; among others; all characters from Greek mythology. The fountain has its own lawn with cedars and redwoods.


To know a little more about the history of Greek mythology and learn about the exact time that was represented in sculpture, you can consult the book of Francisco Herrero, ‘Mythological Route, by the fountains of the Gardens of la Granja ‘.