Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Florianópolis is a Brazilian city, capital of the state of Santa Catarina and the second largest city in terms of population (after Joinville), located on the island of Santa Catarina; renowned tourist destination in southern Brazil, especially because of its many beaches. The island has a length of 54 km and an average width of 18 km, located parallel to the mainland, which it is separated by a narrow channel. Its climate is humid subtropical with distinct seasons and significant precipitation. To see: Hercilio Luz suspension bridge that connects it to the mainland, the Cruz e Sousa Palace (former residence of the governor of the state, now a museum), the Public Market, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Place Fifteen of November and his fig tree centenary, among others. It has over 40 beaches, among the best known can be mentioned Jurere, Daniela, Fort Beach, Canasvieiras, Ponta das Canas, English’s Beach, Santinho Beach, Cacupe Beach, Barra da Lagoa, Joaquina, just to name a few of them.


It is an ideal place to spend the summer holidays and also the Carnival that is one of the best known in Brazilian south. You will find great beaches for everyone but there are several very famous for surfers.
From January to March (summer), you will find significant rainfall due to the high temperatures and humidity but generally you can enjoy the beach every day because when the rain ends, extreme high temperatures and the sun are back.
There are many hotels and apartments to rent to tourists, every taste, price and possibilities.
Do not forget to dedicate an evening to see the illuminated bridge Hercilio Luz, it is worth it.

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