Bucerias, Mexico

Bucerias is located towards the North shore of Banderas Bay at about 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was just a fishing village but nowadays many people choose this place for a quiet vacation. It has sandy beaches, cobblestone streets and people are really kind. You can also find restaurants of any kind along or near the beaches. There are a lot of activities to do in the village like whale watching (November to March); sea sea turtles (June to December); do deep sea fishing (all year long); see the Blue Footed Booby ( a special bird found in a few places in the world); see the iguanas of different colours and sizes, and more. Only 20 minutes by boat is full of underwater caves, reefs and neat tunnels. On your way there you can see dolphins, whales, sea turtles, manta rays, sea snakes and jumping fish.


You can find lots of accomodation: hotels, appartments, houses to rent for short or long periods and you can also invest if you prefer. Lots of American and Canadian use to spend their long holidays there.

There is a small open market in the town centre to buy local crafts and souvenirs.

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