La Grotta Azzurra restaurant, Taormina, Sicily, Italy

La Grotta Azzurra is a Sicilian restaurant in Taormina specializing in fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant has several tables and an indoor bar and a terrace with tables placed on the stairs (very typical in Taormina). Inside you can see the chef and kitchen staff working in front of you as the kitchen is set back from the counter; you will also find the self service entrees but be careful, ask the prices before not to be surprise as this is paid extra with the plates requested, it is not included with the menu. The restaurant is a bit hidden from the central tourist area because it is on a small alley and it gives it a charming atmosphere. From time to time, you will have a presentation of the musicians who make the tour by the different restaurants of the tourist streets.


If you want to sit on the terrace it is better to make a reservation as it is always full. If you are with a group, a reservation is also preferable.

If you like pasta and seafood, enjoy it, you are in the ideal place.

Via Bagnoli Croce 2, Taormina, Me, Sicily