Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a port and a city of Chile, capital of the region and the province. It is the first port and the second city of the country.

The city can be divided into two distinct parts. One of them is El Plan, located on the flat part of the city, where is the port as well as a large majority of the shops, it is the lower town. On the other hand, above, ‘Los Cerros’, the hills dominate the city. It is in these hills that the majority of the population lives, and these are their homes of varied colors which give the city its unique look, it is the upper town .

The city can be visited using the funiculars which allow the access to the neighbourhoods situated on the hills. From there, you can see the Bay of Valparaiso, with its port and away on the Northeast you can see the city of Viña del Mar.


The historic centre of Valparaiso was classified world heritage by UNESCO in 2003. Funds were available to restore the multicoloured houses on the hills. The city is nicknamed “the Pearl of the Pacific” and it is also the cultural capital of Chile.

There is so much to see… there is a vibrant cultural life, the hills have populated frescoes with fantasy characters, these murals are interconnected to give birth to great collective works.

The streets around the port have many typical bars and restaurants; very colorful ones. Nearby there are many beaches, but also many wineries and some are certified organic. Valparaiso is a must-see stop in your wine route.

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