Lecce, Puglia, Italy

Lecce is a town in Puglia in southern Italy, located in the center of Salento (the peninsula which forms the heel of the boot). With a rich artistic heritage well preserved, it is considered one of the capitals of baroque architecture, made possible thanks to the malleability of the local limestone, with a baroque style that belongs to it. You can visit the Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Duomo Square, the Palace of the Seminary, the Roman Amphitheater, the Tower of the Park, the Napoli Gate, the University of Salento and other places of interest.


Take a walk both day and night, you will understand why the city is very often called the Florence of the South. It is also a great pleasure to be amongst its inhabitants by feeling that you are part of an open-air museum. If you are traveling around the area or staying more than one day in town, buy the Lecce City Card which will allow you access to several museums and have discounts on tourist services including shops, restaurants and bars. It is valid for 3 days in Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli. If you like to make tastings, ask about it, because there is the possibility of visiting wineries and producers in the region. You could try various products such as pecorino cheese, tarelli (small pretzels), olives and of course wine. If you are interested in cooking, Lecce also offers cooking classes ranging from half a day to several days depending on your needs.