Orta San Giulio, Novara, Piedmont, Italy

Orta San Giulio is a town in the province of Novara in the Italian region Piedmont, a small town located at the lake of the same name with picturesque streets that all lead to the old market square where the Communal Palace is located, renaissance style dating back to 1582. The only island in Lake Orta is San Giulio that is part of the municipality of Orta (located 400 meters from the shore of the lake). The village is one of the most beautiful Italian villages and is 45 km from Novara. The center of Orta, completely closed to traffic, is characterized by very picturesque narrow streets: the main tracks parallel to the lake shore and intersects with some steep streets that run from the lake leading to the Sacred Mount (World Heritage UNESCO) and the wide area of lot of parking. In the center of the city we found Piazza Motta, real lounge overlooking the lake, from which boats leave the island of San Giulio; surrounded on three sides by buildings with arches.
To see: Villa Bossi (the current municipality office), St. Mary’s Assumption Church (1485 and rebuilt in the eighteenth century), the Gemelli Palace, the Palace of Fortis Penotti, among others.


When arriving you will find carparks top of the village where you will have to leave the car.
Bring comfortable shoes for the visit of the medieval village cause you must do it on foot on steep cobbled streets.
This is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon in any season of the year. Several cafés, restaurants and small creameries especially in the central square will allow you to sit in the sun watching the quiet course of the village.
You can also enjoy your visit to take a boat and visit the island just opposite.