Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon is a port city in Greece mainly visited by cruises that use it as a stopover in the Ionian Sea. When you get there it seems that everything takes shape because you’re there. Its inhabitants always welcome tourists with smiles and kindness that characterizes because it is these cruises that allow the development of the small town. You will find a main street with many shops, restaurants and cafes. The music will accompany your steps in the streets.


Next to the station, you can visit the museum of ancient Greek technology where you will see a collection of inventions that goes from 2000 BC to 100 AD.
If you like the ancient sites, visit Olympia where the Olympics games were born. If you are on a cruise, take the tour offered by the ship in your language, so you’d be safe with the timing to return to the ship.
Katakolon is the ideal place to buy souvenirs, you will find local products such as wines, liquors, olives, nuts, soap, olive oil, etc.
If you want to relax, you have 3 beaches close to the harbor; the best known are Plakes Beach, 200 meters from the port; Andreas Argio 3 km and Kouronta Beach at 21 km. The water is crystal clear and the sea is very calm.
If this is the ‘dolce far niente’ you want, you have several cafes, bars and restaurants by the sea to observe the activity of the port and the ships and enjoy a good coffee, a good wine or a typical liquor. Nothing urges you … Life is beautiful.

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