Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Fortaleza is the fifth largest city of Brazil, capital of the State of Ceará in the Northeast region. It is located along the Atlantic coast, with 34 km of beaches and is also an important industrial and commercial centre. It has the largest water park of Brazil, the Beach Park. The Dragão do Mar art and culture centre is its main cultural space, with museums, theatres, cinemas, libraries and the planetarium. To see: Avenue Beira Mar with its craft fair, Praia de Iracema, with the English bridge and the Pirata Bar and the Praia do Futuro with its tents on the beach. On the waterfront of the city, there are the main accommodations and many restaurants and tourist attractions, in particular for the waterpark, clubs, nightclubs and concert halls. There are also several theatres, the most important being the theatre José Alencar. The diversity of the crafts found in Fortaleza is important, in particular those related to the use of leather, bottles of color, pottery, basketry and weaving, bobbin lace. The hammock is also very popular in craft markets.


If you like shopping, you will find many nice shops in the old quarter of the city (Centro).
To enjoy the beaches, it’s better to leave the town and move a little away.
If you like shows, nightly except on Mondays, there is one (musical, theatrical or dance) at the José Alencar theatre.
If you like partying, Fortaleza offers a pretty hectic nightlife. Find out what happens each evening to catch the best place for each day.
If you want to relax, you are in the right place, and enjoy sunny days in a city where there are not so many activities that relax at the beach.

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