Burano, Venice, Italy

Burano is an island in the north of the lagoon of Venice, Italy, known for its lace and its canals lined with houses very colorful. It is not a city but a town in Venice, divided into six districts and consists of four islets: San Martino, San Mauro, Giudecca and Terranova; separated by three channels. The houses were painted with different colors by the fishermen to be able to recognize them more easily in the mist, since the fog in this region is rather dense; especially in winter. Burano counts only with a church, San Martino Church. There was a school of lace but it no longer works but it is a museum that presents beautiful pieces. Today, there are just a few women, lacemakers, who continue with this tradition.


If you are in Venice, you can take the vaporetto which will take you there in about fifty minutes. The same vaporetto passes through Murano and Mazorbo. There is also another line that connects Burano and Torcello in five minutes.

Consider that if you want to buy a piece really handmade by one of Burano’s lace-makers, you will have to pay for it. Everything you find cheaply comes from China or Hong Kong.

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