Deiva Marina, La Spezia, Liguria, Italy

Deiva Marina is a town in the province of La Spezia in the region of Liguria in Italy. Small seaside town, an ideal base for exploring the Cinque Terre and Portofino. IIt’s too appreciated by the quality of the water and its beautiful beach. You can make beautiful walks along the coast, there are several bars, cafés and restaurants with sympa kind people. There are many hotels and campsites in the surrounding area. You can visit the old town with its picturesque streets, the Church of Saint Anthony Abate (1739) where you can find beautiful works of art inside; the remains of the family Da Passano Castle and the remains of two observation towers. The first is still very well preserved in the old town, the second near the marina, is almost completely demolished.


If you like the markets, on Saturday mornings, there is a flea market next to the train station where you will find various products with good prices and even souvenirs from Italy. The road is narrow and it’s difficult to find a place to park the car, so you can park your car between the trees before entering the city, it’s free. Other places (very few) are at the end of the promenade on the coast but you must pay an hourly rate.
If you want to visit the Cinque Terre, the only way to do it is by train and it will take you all day long, so leave the car near the train station and take the train to go to Levanto. From there, you can get a ticket  that will allow you to get off at each station of the Cinque Terre and use the trails without paying anything extra.
You will find a tourist office opening on Saturdays and Sundays out of season at the station of Framura (only a station from Deiva Marina). There they could give you maps and information about the region.
Make sure to have coins cuase you will always need them to pay for parking, tolls and tickets specially at weekends when tickets must be taken on the train tickets distributor which accepts only coins or banknotes of 5 and 10 euros.

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