Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital, port, economic and cultural center of Cuba. The city has inherited a lot of Spanish colonial architecture. Unfortunately the old palaces are occupied by families who do not have the means to preserve them and a whole part of the city, not restored, is in a dismal state. The American blockade (1962) partly caused this situation. It counts with a road road The Malecon which runs along the coast. The pastel facades of the houses are faded because of the sea air and the sun. Its historic center La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is the largest colonial city center in Latin America. It was almost abandoned for two centuries but thanks to restoration work, the city regains its splendor. You will also find discos, theaters and cabarets.


Avoid going between August and October as it is hurricane season.

Do not take as a guide the one who will offer himself as such in the street, although Havana is safe, we must still be wary and be attentive.

Take a guided tour of the city, it’s worth it, you’ll learn a lot of Cuban history.

If you like to go out at night, avoid places that are too dark. Enjoy the visit of the National Capitolio open to the public, quite visited for its beautiful architecture.

A visit to La Plaza de la Revolucion is a must, with the bronze sculpture of Che Guevara with his famous words Hasta la victoria siempre (always on the way to victory), which represent the signature of Che’s last letter to Fidel Castro before he was killed in Bolivia. This sculpture is on the facade of the Ministry of the Interior.

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