Grand Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The Grand Bahia Principe, 5 stars, is in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, less than half an hour drive from Ocho Rios, on the north coast of the island. The Victorian hotel is situated on the seafront and most of the rooms in the complex offer fantastic views of the sea. There are three connected pools shaped lake. The hotel has 812 junior suites with hydromassage bath. You can find buffets, snack bars, and specialty restaurants: Italian, International, grilled, Japanese and author. You also have a spa for relaxation, a very beautiful beach, swimming pools and also various activities and entertainment.


If you want to go to the restaurants à la carte, you must do a reservation and evening dress is required.

If you want to know the neighboring localities, you must rent a car or take a tour, the hotel is away from everything.
One of the favorite excursions for visitors is the Blue Lagoon, where was filmed the famous movie of the same name. The white sand and the marvelous turquoise lagoon create a landscape breathtaking.
The climate is tropical and humid, with an average temperature of 27 ° C throughout the year.


Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital and the largest city in Barbados, founded in 1628 by British settlers; located on the southwest coast. With a population from different nationalities, 80% are of African origin. Bridgetown is a very important tourist destination of the Caribbean, it is very often a destination for the congress. Its warm but not arid climate where the monthly average temperature does not fall below 18 ° C. Its port is located on the southwest coast of the island and welcomes numerous cruise ships. The main products exported from the island and through the port are sugar, molasses and rum. To visit: the Anglican cathedral (18th century), the houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square with the statue of Admiral Nelson (based on the one in London), the Royal Park, the colonial garrison and the stadium Garrison Savannah which hosts international cricket matches. The Garrison Sainte Anne de Bridgetown, known simply as the garrison, is a historical area which contains buildings such as the barracks and fthe ort St. Ann. The historic moment for the last lowered flag of the United Kingdom and the first survey of the flag of Barbados, marking its independence, took place in this area.


If you visit the city by making a cruise stopover, you will find many people who will try to sell you a tour or they will offer you a taxi, it is your decision if you wish to accept their offer, but if you only want to visit the beach, the public beach is 20-30 minute walk and it’s worth a little walk to relax under the sun later.
If you like museums, the historical Museum has interesting collections in geology, history, decorative arts, as well as important material on the flora and fauna marine.
If you like orchids, you can visit Orchid World, it is at the centre of the island of Barbados with more than 30,000 orchids as well as other flowers of tropical climate. You can go by bus, it takes 1 hour to get there.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin, West Indies

Maho Beach is a beach located in Saint Martin, in the Dutch part of the island, in the West Indies. It is world famous because it is very close Princess Juliana Airport from where thousands of tourists from all over the world meet day by day for the simple fact of seeing the planes pass over their heads and feel the sensation that this causes depending on the size of the aircraft. The track is really short (2180m) that is why this proximity to the ground is inevitable. The aircrafts that are ready for take-off are just a few meters from the beach and the reactors are in the direction of the bathers. Depending on the type of airplane, people on the beach may receive objects, stones, sand, violently thrown or they could be thrown into the water. You can see small aircraft even as Boeing 747 or Airbus A340. There are signs that indicate you are in an accident hazard area but there is no authority monitoring on the site. We find hotels, the famous Sunset Beach Bar and other restaurants and nightclubs near the beach.


In the Sunset Beach Bar & Grill you can find tables with flight schedules.

You have time to see the aircraft in the horizon to choose your position to make your photos or videos.

Take note that the beach is small and is always quite congested so bring just the necessary, there is no space to relax to sunbathe and of course this is not a place to relax.