Club Med Columbus Isle, San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Club Med Columbus Isle is located in the Bahamas on the island of San Salvador, with blond sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The resort has 216 rooms in one-storey bungalows with colorful colonial architecture. There are two restaurants with sea views, the Christopher’s has a terrace for smokers and the Pinta Beach Lounge is open since 2017 and offers snacks throughout the day. There is also the swimming pool and the theater. The village welcomes families with children from 2 years old but the Junior Club Med has activities only for children and teenagers between 11 and 17 years old during the months of July and August only. There are several activities on site such as table tennis, sailing, beach volleyball, kayak, weight room, spa, etc.


The drinks package that is included in your stay, includes drinks by the glass and at the bar only: water, fruit juice, soda, hot drinks, cocktails with or without alcohol, branded alcoholic drinks local and / or international and wines. If you want champagne, cans, wines à la carte or some premium brands, you will have to pay them.

You can also enjoy to make some visits outside the village; for example, to see the statue of Christoph Columbus (who discovered this island) and the plaque that commemorates the 500 years of his discovery with a replica of the Santa Maria (name of the ship).

Hotel Riu Palace, Anse Marcel, St. Martin

The Hotel Riu Palace St. Martin is located on the seafront, in the French part of the island of St Martin, in Anse Marcel; a perfect place to spend a dream vacation enjoying all the comfort and services that the hotel offers to its guests. This beautiful resort features a white sand cove with turquoise waters, ideal for relaxation and the practice of water sports. You’ll find several restaurants, bars, swimming-pools, a gym, a spa; with all inclusive service, snacks and drinks throughout the day. This is an ideal destination for travelers who want to spend a few days holiday at the beach and under the sun, as it offers both relaxation and entertainment. The hotel is 20 km from the Princess Juliana International Airport and has direct access to the port of Anse Marcel marina. There is also wi-fi. You will also find other activities that you will like, let you surprise …


Three times a week there are theme dinners and if you want a more formal dinner, there are three restaurants where you must make a reservation and present you with evening clothes (long trousers and no sleeveless shirts are permit) . You can also enjoy interesting excursions in the old sugar plantations or in the small surrounding islands. If you are staying with children, there are activities scheduled for those between 4 and 12 years.


Maho Beach, Saint Martin, West Indies

Maho Beach is a beach located in Saint Martin, in the Dutch part of the island, in the West Indies. It is world famous because it is very close Princess Juliana Airport from where thousands of tourists from all over the world meet day by day for the simple fact of seeing the planes pass over their heads and feel the sensation that this causes depending on the size of the aircraft. The track is really short (2180m) that is why this proximity to the ground is inevitable. The aircrafts that are ready for take-off are just a few meters from the beach and the reactors are in the direction of the bathers. Depending on the type of airplane, people on the beach may receive objects, stones, sand, violently thrown or they could be thrown into the water. You can see small aircraft even as Boeing 747 or Airbus A340. There are signs that indicate you are in an accident hazard area but there is no authority monitoring on the site. We find hotels, the famous Sunset Beach Bar and other restaurants and nightclubs near the beach.


In the Sunset Beach Bar & Grill you can find tables with flight schedules.

You have time to see the aircraft in the horizon to choose your position to make your photos or videos.

Take note that the beach is small and is always quite congested so bring just the necessary, there is no space to relax to sunbathe and of course this is not a place to relax.