Cilento sailing, Marina di Camerota, Italy

With the Association ‘Cilento sailing’ (Cilento a vela) it is possible to live the sea of Cilento, individual boats or group sailings, sailing along the coast of the Cilento, moving if you want up to the Amalfi coast or to the South, to the Aeolian Islands, stopping at the most beautiful bays and you can dive where the sea is limpid and uncontaminated.
Lunches and dinners under the stars with typical products of the Cilento as the ‘tonno alla lunga’ (tuna plate) home-made.
Excursions are accompanied by an explanation, historical and mythological side of the coast.
The host of Cilento is not a passive visitor, he will be called to perform tasks while sailing.


If you want to enjoy the quieter months, visit Marina di Camerota between April and June or between September and November. Fewer tourists and the temperatures are pleasant.
You can make the trips in a single day or organize weeks or just a weekend. Let advise yourself by the experts.
Prices and itineraries will be provided by e-mail:

The 9 most challenging airports in the world! part 2

Here is the part 2 of the 9 most challenging airport in the worlds.

5. Gibraltar Airport (Gibraltar)

It is the fifth most dangerous airport in the world and one of the most popular! The runway passes through the city streets, particularly the High Street Winston Churchill (towards the land border with Spain) ‘cuts’ through the runway, so the traffic stops each time a plane takes off or lands.

6. Barra International Airport (Barra)

It is the only airport in the world used as … a beach! In fact, even the takeoffs and landings of aircraft at the airport of Barra are in the beach. Yes you read right. And the paradox does not end there: When the tide floods the airstrip at night many cars come to help the pilot with their lights! Warning signs inform people who bathe about the flight expected!

7. Lukla Airport (Nepal)

Mountains on the one side and a cliff on the other. This is the picture that one encounters when preparing to land at Lukla airport in eastern Nepal. The runway is at an altitude of 2,900 meters above the sea level and is particularly popular with climbers, who use it as a starting point for the ascent to Everest.

8. Madeira Airport (Madeira)

The airport of Madeira is located near the city of Funchal and serves domestic and international flights. The runway was narrow, which created many problems during takeoffs and landings of aircraft, while 1977 was a tragic accident. It was then that the city authorities decided to extend the runway to the beach, since the other side there are steep cliffs. So the airport was rebuilt, and the runway with its increased length is supported by huge pillars and lead to the beach.

9. Scarlett Martinez International Airport (Panama)

This one have two challenges for the Pilots the runway is over a bridge and close to the beach.


The 9 most challenging airports in the world! part 1

The takeoff and the landing are always the most challenging part of flight for an aircraft. But if you take into account the objective conditions that may trouble them, the risk grows. Nevertheless, high mountains and steep cliffs, beaches and busy main roads do not seem to discourage the pilots, let alone the travelers! Well, make sure you fasten your seat-belts because here we have the first part of our post; the 4 most challenging airports of the world!

1. Princess Juliana Airport (Saint Martin)

The runway is very close to the beach, where tourists enjoy swimming and sunbathing. However, there has never been a serious accident but the gas from aircraft engines is particularly dangerous for the people. When asked “why Early St. Martin did not transfer the airport elsewhere, the answer is clear:” It is the safest place on the island for flights!”.

2. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba Island, Caribbean)

The runway is only 400 meters, surrounded by high cliffs, while a part of it lies on a steep slope that leads straight into the ocean! It is one of the most dangerous airports as the aircraft lands in danger of “hits” on the rocks, while an incorrect assessment of the pilot during takeoff can …. Well, you know what I mean.

3. Courchevel Airport (France)

The town of Courchevel is located in the French Alps and is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. The airport is located in the mountains and is famous not only for being dangerous but for the fact that it has starred in James Bond «Tommorow never dies», where Pierce Brosnan landed the plane there successfully. The runway is too narrow and mainly used by small aircrafts or helicopter charters, and that’s why it requires well-trained pilots.

4. Gustaf III Airport (St. Barthelemy, Caribbean)

The small runway of the Gustaf III Airport on the island of Saint Bartholomew stops to the sea! This space serves only small aircraft with a capacity of 20 people, mostly from neighboring islands. The basic problem is that the runway is too narrow, so the planes are likely to hit the slopes of adjacent mountains or reach the ocean.