Les FrancoFolies de Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Since 1989, Les FrancoFolies de Montreal is an appointment with the francophone world music. Some artists from all over the francophone world come to show their music. This year it will be the 30th edition and there will be more than 200 indoor shows and open-air concerts; lots of them completely free. This event shows us the quality, diversity and vitality of a rich music programming. These are 10 days in a great festival of music! This happens at the Montreal entertainment district, in the heart of downtown. Montrealers and tourists throng the site to celebrate safely. French music from around the world and it is in Montreal that it happens. There are several scenes outdoor presented by sponsors and in case of rain these shows happen in reserved spaces for the occasion. Bars, restaurants, street posts, are also at the rendezvous for a drink or a snack. Everything happens in order and peace of the Francophone world. There are many choices of artists in the same day but the main scene takes place every day at 21:00 in the center of the entertainment district. The big show takes the stage last Saturday at the closing of the festival and usually it is a great artist who comes to make the crowd enjoy the party.


Generally it is hot at this time of the year then drink water, wear cool clothes and sneakers or comfortable shoes. Outdoor shows means to stand up and there are not many opportunities to sit but you can always bring a folding chair.
If you do not watch programming at home, you will find hostesses everywhere that will give you the complete program of the entire event.
There are many other activities around the festival site in bars or discos.

2018 edition June, 08th to 17th

Crescent Grand Prix Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Crescent Grand Prix Festival has been held since 1999 on Crescent Street in the days leading up to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This street is located in downtown Montreal and is known for its nightlife, a considerable amount of bars, restaurants and shops. It becomes a pedestrian street to please tourists and thousands of racing fans who like to walk around looking at the beautiful cars on display. Several activities take place in the event such as the presence of pilots to sign autographs, performances of music, Djs that put a little more color to the festival, racing simulators, the pit stop challenge, etc. The neighboring streets collaborate to allow a little more space to the festival.


If you like cars and photos, you are at the ideal place. You will have the opportunity to approach the most beautiful cars in the world and all for free.

A nice way to participate in the festival is to settle on one of the terraces of bars and restaurants. Many have their terrace on the second floor so you will have a magnificent view of everything.

Go with family or friends, it’s a good event before the Sunday Grand Prix race.

Mural Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mural Festival is an event that takes place in Montreal in June since 2012. It is an art expression that met American artists who make urban art. This expands on the Boulevard St- Laurent ( street that separates the city of Montreal in two (east-west) between Sherbrooke Street and St. Joseph Boulevard. You can meet real-time artists and watch how they perform their art at the same time there are music shows, conferences, gourmet places with different terraces to eat in the area and even other activities that change day by day. There are both day and night activities.


To better enjoy this event, visit their website for a schedule. There are some activities or shows you must pay like guided tours, concerts, etc, but to walk in the street and see the creations, there is no ticket to buy.

June, 7th to June, 17th 2018