The empanadas Pachamama, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The empanadas Pachamama is a restaurant in the Village, in Montreal, which opened its doors a few months ago, offering as a main menu the ’empanadas’, a typical Argentinian specialty. Pablo, its owner, native of Tucumán, one of the provinces of Argentina, was formed precisely in his hometown, to know all the secrets of the manufacture of empanadas, being empanadas of Tucumán one with the best reputation of the country. The restaurant uses fresh, natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colors; oven baking, without frying. At the moment they offer 6 varieties including a menu for vegetarians and there are 2 spicy options. You can combine the empanadas with salads or tasty soups and of course you will be able to taste other Argentinian products such as ‘alfajores’, ‘churros’, ‘facturas’ (pastries) served with coffee, tea, juice or the traditional ‘mate’ (a kind of green tea). You can eat indoors or enjoy the beautiful terrace by bringing your wine. There is also a service to take away the frozen empanadas and they also offer delivery in certain districts. The place is very well decorated with lively colors and the staff is very welcoming.


If you have an event to celebrate, this is a great place to do it but do not forget to make your reservation, there is room for 40 people inside or 20 on the terrace.

You have boxes of 8 or 12 empanadas and you can choose the confection to your taste.

It is open every day from 11:00 AM.

1371 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2L 2H7

The Loto-Québec Fire Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Loto-Québec Fire Festival has been held since 1985 at La Ronde, an amusement park in Montreal. In its first presentation, they had more than five and a half million spectators and since then it has become one of the most important events of the summer in Montreal. At the beginning there were two kinds of presentations of lights without and with music but since 1987 there is only one presentation where the lights are perfectly synchronized with the music. The fires are presented by different countries and they take place with good or bad weather. Apart from La Ronde, where the entrance must be paid; people stay on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or on both banks of the St. Lawrence River to attend the event free of charge. The fires had Giovanni Panzera like artistic director, from 1987 to 2000, personality very recognized in this kind of events and he is the one who has given more and more notoriety to the lights into world level. This year 2017, it will be the 33rd edition of lights that are presented every Saturday and Wednesday. The pyrotechnic firms in competition are represented by several countries that change each year and usually there are just 3 of them that will be on the list of winners.


If you want to participate with your vote to choose the winner, go on the La Ronde site and have the chance to win the prize they announce each year.

You can buy a round passport for the entire season or just buy the ticket of the chosen evening. Several sections of the park are set up for the event itself.

Les Jardins Gamelin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Émilie-Gamelin Square is a public square in the Latin Quarter of Montreal, better known as Les Jardins Gamelin; located just opposite an exit of the Berri-UQUAM metro station. The park is one of the busiest in downtown even though its size is small. It is surrounded by Berri St, St-Hubert St, Ste-Catherine St and Boulevard De Maisonneuve. It has a grassy slope, ideal for relaxing; terraces; another part covered with red gravel where you can play petanque and you can also install a stage or play giant chess. The site was inaugurated on the occasion of the 350th anniversary celebrations in Montreal (May 17th , 1992). There is a monument to Émilie Gamelin (1.9 meters high), among the passers-by. There is also another monument 17 meters high by 32 meters wide, 3 towers supporting an inclined plane; from each tower flows a curtain of water which pours into a basin at the base of the towers. There is also a snack bar that offers a varied menu inspired by the diversity of cultures that live together in Montreal.


The park offers many events, this year they will take place between May, 19th and October, 15th, 2017.

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Every Saturday and Sunday, you can have lunch on the grass in a picnic box, thanks to the gardens snack bar.

You can also visit the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec, Place Dupuis and all the shops and other institutions in the area.