Salinas Grandes, Jujuy and Salta, Argentina

The Salinas Grandes in Jujuy and Salta, Argentina, are a small salar or salt desert located on the high plateau of the provinces of Jujuy and Salta. The salar extends in fact to the southwest of the ‘Laguna de Guayatayoc’. It is an expanse area of salt in the form of hard crust, with a thickness of 30 centimetres. You can drive by car on its surface. It is dazzling whiteness, and almost always forms with the blue sky, a landscape of stunning beauty. A nice asphalt road leads directly onto 190 kilometers departing from San Salvador de Jujuy (national road 52). This road (Paso de Jama to Chile) passes through Purmamarca. It takes two hours in total. The Salinas Grandes is located at the small town of Abra de Potrerillo. It is the third salar in importance in South America. Their origin dates back to about 5-10 million years when the place had been covered completely by waters of a volcano. The evaporation of the liquid and its components through the time formed the salar.


You can visit the Salinas Grandes by yourself or through a local tourism operator. You will find tours departing from the cities of Jujuy and Salta and they generally make a stop to visit Purmamarca and see the ‘Cerro de siete colores’ (mountain of the seven colors) and to take advantage of its market of craft products.
If you decide to go by yourself by car, remember that it is an isolated area with very little villages on the way so have your tank full and carry water and food. Once there, you will find a restaurant.
Don’t forget to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from so much brightness. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
If you go by yourself, you will have the explanation from the workers working on the spot. They are very friendly and welcoming as all the people of the region.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest city in Uruguay, founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, after disputed and occupied by the Spaniards who lived in Buenos Aires, it keeps the mixture in its constructions of two occupants. It is located in front of Buenos Aires on the bank of the River Plate. The historical part of the town invites us to a journey through time, with streets paved, its houses with one modest and colorful floor, typical lighting, its lighthouse, its ruins, classic old cars, beach, its artisans and restaurants serving traditional dishes of the River Plate. Its inhabitants are very friendly and they highly value the passage of tourists worldwide.


To get an excellent view of the city, go to the lighthouse (nineteenth century). You can also visit the ruins of the Convent of St. Francis near the lighthouse. The most beautiful street is the Sighs Street near the Major Square with its colorful houses with wooden roofs covered with tile. Colonia is the place to buy your travel souvenirs as many craftsmen live there. If you want to have a relax holiday, Colonia is a good choice. It is a city to rest, walk, take beautiful photos as if you are in a time scenario.

Ingleses Beach, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Ingleses Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Florianopolis in southern Brazil all year long and especially during the summer because it has an excellent infrastructure that serves the beach and even a small shopping center. Bars, entertainment, restaurants, nightclubs and the strong presence of shops warranty families and youth diversion in the night, while during the day the beach is the favorite place. Its name was taken because of a wreck of a British vessel in the region between 1683 and 1737. These dates were established by objects found. This is a favorite beach for Argentinians that feel at home by finding a bilingual service and Argentine newspapers too. The large beach (about 5 km), allows one hand, enjoy the calm sea, ideal for taking children and the elderly, and on the other side, the waves are strong and favorable for surfing. The sand is very fine and white, and there are dune formations in this region. In summer, the temperature of the water is warm and pleasant, suitable for a relaxing swim. In the south, the Morro dos Ingleses (a very small mount) separates Ingleses Beach from Santinho Beach.


If you want to spend several hours on the beach, you can rent a space with some of the posts along the beach that will enable you to use the full service in exchange of consuming something from this post. It is very convenient because you will also have your things monitoring service when you make a bath.
You can eat local specialties especially fish and drink wonderful natural juices throughout the day.
You’ll find all kinds of places for rent as well if you do not like hotels.