Capioví, Misiones, Argentina

Capioví is a municipality in the province of Misiones, Argentina. The history of the village goes back to 1919, when the first German and Swiss settlers moved there with the construction of a sawmill and a mill that is still there. This was possible because there is a waterfall known as Salto Capioví on the creek of the same name, which forms a natural pool that goes up to 4 meters deep in its fall. In the municipality there is also the town of San Gotardo. There is also a renowned astronomical observatory. But one of the best times of the year to visit the village is during Christmas season and New Year’s Day because decorations made through the recycling of plastic bottles are installed almost everywhere. A true art of recycling !!!


If you visit the city enjoy to do agrotourism.

It is an ideal place to walk in a natural environment.

Madness of Kings, Andradina, São Paulo, Brazil

Andradina is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. It is located in the region of Araçatuba and Andradina. The Cultural Centre pioneers of Andradina: better known as the old station, is undoubtedly the Andradina postcard. The commune has a theatre (external), circumflex, where there has already been a scene of festivals, concerts, musicals, dances. The natural beauty can be seen in the woods and fields all around.
A tradition is maintained there. Of Portuguese origin, the sources say that the tradition came to Brazil in the 18th century. In the period from December 24th , Christmas Eve, until January 6th , the Epiphany, a group of singers and musicians roam the city singing verses about the visit of the magicians kings to the child Jesus. Ranging from door to door looking for offers, especially to collect food, animals, for the realization of the Saints Kings. The ‘Folia de Reis’ (madness of Kings), inherited from developed and Portuguese settlers in Brazil with its own characteristics; expressions preserved from generation to generation; it is a Catholic holiday that celebrates the three magicians kings. Homes visit, which lasts from the end of December until the day of the Kings, is made by organized groups, which many are motivated by social and philanthropic purposes. Properly dressed with costumes and instruments, approaches to magicians and other characters through music, dance and poetry, people who belong, enchant the population. In some cities, it is possible to admire a wonderful Nativity life-size. In addition to the musicians and singers, the group often also consists of dancers, clowns and other folk figures properly characterized according to local legends and traditions. All are organized under the direction of the master of the Kings and follow in the footsteps of the flag, performance of traditional rituals of beauty and cultural richness with veneration. In addition to this part, you could not miss the stalls of food, drinks and games, which sets the tone of the profane.


If you want to spend the holidays in the period of the ‘Folia de Reis’, it is better to make an appointment with any hotel or with owners of houses to rent for not you find without any place to stay.
This time of year is extremely hot; do not forget to take with you sunscreen and fresh clothes.

Nahuel Huapi Lake, Provinces de Neuquen & Rio Negro, Argentine

Nahuel Huapi is a lake of glacial origin located in the Cordillera of the Andes which extends in the Provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro in the park of the same name. Its original name Mapuche (aboriginal language) means Islands of jaguars. It is located at 768m of altitude with an area of 557 km². It is renowned for its 7 branches and its depth (the maximum is 464m). One of the most important cities of southern Argentina is built on its southeast shore: San Carlos de Bariloche. The Nahuel Huapi is located in an area where there are many lakes and there are also many islands, the most important of which is Victoria.


If you like to ski, the area has several trails and the best option is to stay in San Carlos de Bariloche as you will find a very beautiful city with everything you need and lots of options for accommodation and catering.

If it’s fishing that interests you, you’re in the right place. The sport fishing season runs from November to April. You will find brown trout and salmon.

If you like hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding, sailing, everything is possible depending on the season of your stay. On the protected area of the park, you will find many free or organized camps as well as hotels, inns or huts.

There are several local tourist agencies that will offer a variety of excursions, one more interesting than the other, to places full of nature and magic like Los Arrayanes National Park, Port Blest, Victoria Island, Villa Angostura, Mount Tronador, the Enchanted Valley and the seven lakes among others.