Great Huts Resort, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Great Huts Resort is an eco-resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It’s a special place where you can relax, know more about African culture, about Jamaican History finding you totally immersed in nature surrounded with lovely sea and hills views. You can find simple to extravagant accomodation: African Royal Rooms (villas on the cliffs); Treehouses and Huts in the Safari Chic Comfortably Rustic (full privacy with exotic accommodations); or Cozy Camping categories (intimate connection to nature with shared facilities); all beautifully colorful. All rooms are provided with netting and mosquito coils, fans and handcrafted wood furnishings and other works of art. If you want to do outside activities or exploring excursions, you can ask it at the reception or book in advance.


As you will be living in the nature, you must take some items with you such as sneakers, hicking shoes, water shoes, protective solar cream, sunglasses and of course insect repellant.

If you are afraid of small lizards, frogs, hermit crabs and other insects, it isn’t the right place to you.

Safari photo, Africa

Would you like to see animals in their habitat? Would you like to be able to photograph them close? So, nothing better than a safari photo… There are several tourism operators offering safari photos private with 2 people, depending on your budget and the type of accommodation that you agree or safaris in a group of 10 people and more. You have also the choice of the route. The route can be done with 4 x 4 vehicles like Land Rovers or in some minivans. You will be accompanied with a guide who will speak your language and who knows well the region to lead you safely. Usually there are also local guides who will accompany you in your adventure. You could cross the vast reserves in Africa as the Amboseli Park where you will find herds of elephants among other animals, you could see Mount Kilimanjaro, visit Lake Manyara, which is considered a bird paradise, the crater of Ngorongoro classified world heritage by Unesco, the Tsavo Park, classified as the second largest park of Kenya with a very important and varied fauna or just simply go through the plains of the Serengeti. In these natural reserves you will discover many species living freely and in full nature, species that you do perhaps not imagined… you’ll be really surprised!


For this kind of travel, it is better to confide to a recognized tourism operator. It is very important to do it with someone who has a good experience and reputation and on which you might expect to get in touch 24-hour at destination.
It is suitable to bring fresh clothes but not shorts and sweaters with short sleeves or sandals. The ideal is to cover the most possible to avoid possible pitting and wear comfortable sports shoes. Sunglasses and hats are also recommended.
Of course, don’t forget your camera or video camera, the images that you will capture will remember you this wonderful experience of adventure at any time.