Butterflies Go Free, Insectarium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The butterflies of Butterflies go free come from farms in more than a dozen countries. Livestock is one of the means to protect butterflies and their habitats in the form of a sustainable and equitable trade that involves communities living on the edge of the forest. You will find animators who will be able to answer all your questions and they will tell you about the habits of the butterflies. There are also beautiful flowers and if you are lucky a butterfly could land on you.


From February, 28 th to April, 28th 2019 from 09:00 to 17:00.

Daytime butterflies are generally more active in the morning, when the sky is sunny and during certain changes in atmospheric pressure. The twilight moths take off at the end of the day around the time of sunset.

Consider it’s hot in there so plan to wear lighter clothes to stay in especially if you go with the kids with a cold winter temperature.

You will find a relaxation area in the middle of the greenhouse.


Bačvice, Split, Croatia

Bačvice is a fairly popular beach in Split, Croatia, which is about 1 km from the city center towards the ferry port. It is a small sandy beach that usually has a lot of people because of the proximity of the port and the city center. There is a cafe on the beach and there are other cafes, bars and pizzerias not far from it. Sun umbrellas and chairs rental is also possible, but as the place is not large there are not for everyone. There are also showers out of the sea. If you prefer there is a part where you will be a bit quieter where the sand finishes and the rocks take place.


If you are on a cruise and you make a stop to visit the city, it is the closest beach to the port and you can access it by walking about 500 meters. There are no large structure, but it’s okay to enjoy a good time of sea and sun.
If you stay in Split and you want to take a good space on the sand, you have to go early because the beach is small and if there are cruise ships, the place is too crowded with tourists.



Old building of the Stock Exchange, Trieste, Italy

Located a few hundred meters from Piazza Unità, the old building of the Stock Exchange was opened in 1806 on a design by architect Antonio Mollari. The building resembles a Greek temple with Doric columns, with metopes and triglyphs that support the triangular pediment decorated with a clock flanked by the figures of the Fortune and the Glory. The palace has many statues on the facade, on the ground floor there are America, Europe, Asia and Africa, on the main floor Vulcan and Mercury, and they are all the work of Banti and Ferrari. The statues of the Danube, Minerva and Neptune are over the railing and belong to the work of the artist Bosa. In the decorationthere is also a scene painted by Giuseppe Bernardino Bison dedicated to the proclamation in Porto Franco of Trieste by Charles VI; this work is in the Major room, in the center of the dome-shaped ceiling. On the ground floor there is a beautiful sundial dated 1820 by the Friuli Sebastianutti. The palace was the seat of the Stock Exchange, but in 1844, the stock market was moved to the palace which is nearby, the Tergesteo. Currently, the building houses the Chamber of Commerce.


The building is within walking distance of all the monuments of historic Trieste.
You can take all the photos you want on the outside of the building, but the place does not accept tourist’s visit. Admission is only possible if you need somehting from the office of the Chamber of Commerce.