Maria Pita square, A Coruna, Galicia, Spain

The Maria Pita square is in A Coruna. It’s the main square of the city and it has the name of the town’s heroine, Maria Pita (a kind of Jeanne D’Arc for the people of the city). The square seems a Royal court with a main entrance, the Town Hall and Council building. This building is only a little more than a hundred years. There are other buildings not as grandiose as this one but with a very good architecture typical of the village using granite as its most important component; some of them have galerias. The buildings are interconnected or very close the one to the another so they enclose the square. The facades of the buidings are very attractive. We can also find a statue of Maria Pita, bars, cafes, restaurants and also a tourist information point.


If you visit the place, check for the activities beacause there are usually concerts in the square.

You can also make a pause and have a good coffee or eat something at one of the restaurants or cafes there.

If you want to walk outside of the square, go out on the left of the Cuncil building and you can see St. George’s church (18th century).

Bačvice, Split, Croatia

Bačvice is a fairly popular beach in Split, Croatia, which is about 1 km from the city center towards the ferry port. It is a small sandy beach that usually has a lot of people because of the proximity of the port and the city center. There is a cafe on the beach and there are other cafes, bars and pizzerias not far from it. Sun umbrellas and chairs rental is also possible, but as the place is not large there are not for everyone. There are also showers out of the sea. If you prefer there is a part where you will be a bit quieter where the sand finishes and the rocks take place.


If you are on a cruise and you make a stop to visit the city, it is the closest beach to the port and you can access it by walking about 500 meters. There are no large structure, but it’s okay to enjoy a good time of sea and sun.
If you stay in Split and you want to take a good space on the sand, you have to go early because the beach is small and if there are cruise ships, the place is too crowded with tourists.



Festival of flowers, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

One of the biggest attractions of Funchal, both for tourists and residents themselves in the spring, is the festival of flowers, because flowers are at their best. Floats parade through downtown streets and perfuming the people attending to the event. It also has different troops participating in the parade to present their proposals accompanied by dances and they compose a new choreography each year. The beauty of flowers, the colorful costumes and the joy that the event represents, is a good reason to attend, it is an exuberant celebration and it’s good to know. Throughout the College is the so-called “Wall of Hope”, it is a wall where children place their flowers to build a giant wall of flowers that symbolizes the hope for a better world. You will find the streets with beautiful carpets made with flowers and the best decoration receives a prize. The party also has traditional music groups and classical music. Other performances take place and there’s a different exposure of flowers every year.


If you decide to visit Madeira at this time, you can take advantage of the offers that some hotels do when the party takes place and rent a car or motorbike to visit other places on the island.

During these days of the event, the streets are very colorful and beautiful to take pictures of the city.

From April, 19th to May, 6th 2018.