Botanical Garden of Padron, La Coruña, Spain

The Botanical Garden of Padron is next to the N-550 road in the province ofBotanical Garden of Padron, autonomous community of Botanical Garden of Padron. It contains many species of plants, some of them highly developed and mature, being a rarity or a singular plant in Galicia. The garden date from the first decades of the nineteenth century constructed of a farm belonging to the Counts of San Juan. It was built in the pattern characteristic of the time, mixing Italian, English and French styles. The garden has a herbarium, greenhouse and new areas were added to the original structure. We find many monuments like the statue of the fourteenth century of the Galician troubadour known as “The lover” or another as the Castelao bust. There are almost 300 plant species that come from different parts of the world. Many social and cultural events of the village of Padron take place in the garden.


The garden is a beautiful place to walk, relax on a bench reading something or just enjoy nature and the variety of plants found there.

Observing geese at Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec, Canada

Baie-du-Febvre a small village in Quebec, Canada, is located in the World Biosphere Reserve of Lake Saint-Pierre. It’s located on route 132 on the Navigators’ Path between the cities of Sorel and Nicolet.  The village has a interpretive center that welcome ornithologists and tourists.

Baie-du-Febvre is ideal for snow geese observation since it is the largest spring staging area of this species. Indeed, every spring more than 400,000 snow geese, 50,000 Canada geese and several species of birds and ducks visit the floodplains of Lake Saint-Pierre.