Arena of Verona, Verona, Italy

The arena of Verona is a Roman amphitheatre in the historic centre of Verona. Built in 30 AC, they could accommodate 30,000 spectators at that time. The amphitheatre is 152 metres long, 128 meters wide and 32 metres high. It is often considered the third Roman amphitheatre for its dimensions, after the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) in Rome and Capua amphitheatre. It is also the best preserved, especially the internal structures of the building. The bleachers can accommodate today 22,000 seated spectators. Since 1913, the arena hosts performances of opera in the Festival of Verona and its acoustics is truly remarkable. There are also other shows and concerts presented in the arena.


If you want to buy tickets to attend to an evening opera or buy a subscription for the festival, you will find the program of the festival and the price on the site of the arena several months in advance.
It would be also advisable to book your stay in advance. Remember that spectators from all over the world arrive at the festival and closer hotels fill up easily.
If you go just for a show, enjoy your stay being 2 or 3 days more in the city; you won’t regret it.

Estence Palace’s gardens, Varese, Italy

The gardens of Estense Palace, more known as ‘ Estensi Gardens ‘ in Varese, are among the most beautiful in Northern Italy and constitute one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The gardens are located around the Estense Palace which was the summer residence of Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena and the Austrian Governor of Lombardy, Commander of the imperial troops in Italy. On the site where today stands the Estense Palace existed a villa, Thomas Orrigoni’ Villa; in 1765 the Duke Francesco bought it and had it restored to serve as a residence. The architect Giuseppe Antonio Bianchi made even the splendid garden. The gardens have a large tub that opens in the parterre in front of the Palace and several large flowerbeds, whose small shrubs and ornamental flowers are treated in detail. The presence of different reliefs, avenues, paths and lawns gives movement to the French-style garden. A symmetry axis, passing through the centre of the porch entrance, connects optically palace entrance-parterre-hill starting at a large outdoor area. Today this building has the Council’s offices of the city of Varese.


The garden is a landmark of the city and are open daily and the access is free.
Generally on Saturdays, the municipality celebrates weddings in the morning until noon so you can find more people than usual. If you go to take photos, it is better to choose a day other than Saturday or Sunday.
If you want to have the best view, climb all the stairs of the garden up top and you could also take photos of the building with the magnificent gardens and pre-Alpine mountains with the Lake of Varese. It’s really is beautiful landscape.