Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Fortaleza is the fifth largest city of Brazil, capital of the State of Ceará in the Northeast region. It is located along the Atlantic coast, with 34 km of beaches and is also an important industrial and commercial centre. It has the largest water park of Brazil, the Beach Park. The Dragão do Mar art and culture centre is its main cultural space, with museums, theatres, cinemas, libraries and the planetarium. To see: Avenue Beira Mar with its craft fair, Praia de Iracema, with the English bridge and the Pirata Bar and the Praia do Futuro with its tents on the beach. On the waterfront of the city, there are the main accommodations and many restaurants and tourist attractions, in particular for the waterpark, clubs, nightclubs and concert halls. There are also several theatres, the most important being the theatre José Alencar. The diversity of the crafts found in Fortaleza is important, in particular those related to the use of leather, bottles of color, pottery, basketry and weaving, bobbin lace. The hammock is also very popular in craft markets.


If you like shopping, you will find many nice shops in the old quarter of the city (Centro).
To enjoy the beaches, it’s better to leave the town and move a little away.
If you like shows, nightly except on Mondays, there is one (musical, theatrical or dance) at the José Alencar theatre.
If you like partying, Fortaleza offers a pretty hectic nightlife. Find out what happens each evening to catch the best place for each day.
If you want to relax, you are in the right place, and enjoy sunny days in a city where there are not so many activities that relax at the beach.

Bellver Castle, Mallorca, Spain

Bellver Castle (14th century) is located on the island of Mallorca, Spain; three kilometers from the historic center of Palma de Mallorca, on a pine-covered hill of 112 meters, at Bellver wood. Its name comes from ancient Catalan and means beautiful sight. King James II ordered his construction to live there and the architect Pedro Salva directed this construction which took almost 40 years. It is of Mediterranean Gothic style in circular form with rounded towers; also in circular form. The castle was occupied by the kings of the island but it also served as a prison. From 1947, being already owned by the Municipality of Palma, they began to reform it to be able to use it as a cultural building and it was in 1976 that it was inaugurated as the Museum of History of Palma. The castle has a patio in the center and all the facilities on the two floors of the building overlook it, with a gallery of Gothic arches. Since it is visible from the sea and from the city, it is considered one of the symbols of Palma.


There is an indoor cafeteria open according to public visiting times.

Consult the calendar during your visit as there are concerts or civil weddings taking place on the castle’s patio.

Trevelin, Patagonia Argentina, Chubut, Argentina

Trevelin is a city in Patagonia Argentina in the province of Chubut. It is a city well known because in 1902 the Welsh settlers who lived there decided to take Argentinian nationality after a time of conflict in which Chile claimed the land. The plebiscite was signed at School No. 18 Rio Corintos. Its Welsh name means “Mill Village. The first mill was opened by John Daniel Evans in 1918 with the name of Mill of Andes Company, it was used to grind wheat and its three owners with this creation, decided to donate part of the valley to the creation of a village near the river Percey because there were already colonies for people who worked in the mill every day, thus initiating Trevelin. On the death of Evans, production was declining and the factory closed in 1953, after that it was restaured and opened as a museum. The city of Trevelin met other small towns and some of them are Mapuche communities (indigenous). With Welsh settlers, the founders of the city, Trevelin has a rich Celtic culture of the country.


Trevelin region is ideal for a minimum of one week vacation. There are many interesting places to see like the National Park Los Alerces, the Reserve Nant and Fall, the dam Amutui Quimey, among others.
You will find cottages and hotel services and special catering for fish amateurs.
Be sure to enjoy the Welsh tea ceremony that is accompanied by traditional cakes and enjoy the famous Welsh cake which can be kept for years.

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