Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Tulip Festival was born with the gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs done by Princess Juliana of the Netherlands in 1945 in Ottawa to thank the role Canada played in the liberation of the Netherlands, and they offered refuge in Ottawa, to the members of the royal family during the Second World War. It is the largest of its kind in North America and it also celebrates the arrival of spring flowering public places in Ottawa with a million of tulips of 50 varieties. The greater presence of tulips is in the gardens of Commissioners Park, at Lake Dow but you can also find various appearances of the festival throughout the city. The tulip is the official flower of Ottawa and it also became the floral symbol of international friendship. The international community adds shows to the festival; exhibitions and cultural performances reflecting cultural diversity in the city.


Spend 2 days in town, it’s worth it, you can enjoy the day to visit the park and see some shows or just know the city in the evening. There are free concerts, shows, children’s activities, etc.
There is an official opening ceremony with a parade of vintage cars and a closing ceremony with fireworks at Dow’s Lake.

This year (2015) it will be held from May 8th to 18th.


4 Top New York’s pizzerias, New York, United States

New York is the city par excellence for pizza lovers. Of course, all New Yorkers have their favorite place to eat a slice of pizza (of ‘pie’ as say New Yorkers) and a number of ‘pizzeria’ have become almost sacred places. Please find below our Top 4.

John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street, or John’s Pizza – address: 278 Bleecker St

The wood panelling, the classic niches and colorful tables make a moment in this pizzeria experience. The pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven. This is why all pizzas have the crust thin, crispy and well done. At John’s Pizza, they said they make the original Neapolitan pizza. The ingredients are fresh, the sauce is tangy and the cheese is good quality.

NY Pizza Suprema – address: 413 8th Av

The place where this pizzeria in Manhattan is, is a bit surprising. It is not expected to find one of the best pizzerias near Penn Station. Here it is the sauce that is extraordinary. Very rich in taste, but not too spicy. It’s the sauce that makes the difference.

Lombardi’s – address: 32 Spring St

In 1905, the restaurant took the permit of the municipality of New York and was able to settle in the place where it is always. The Interior has hardly changed: small wooden tables, carpet tiles and murals of Italian landscapes. Lombardi’s is a true place of meetings: the glamour couples and large families. We order whole pizzas (not for small eaters!) instead of slices. Lombardi’s has introduced the New York style pizza; crust pizza a bit more thick and well cooked, well stocked with mozzarella, tomato and basil.

Joe’s Pizza – address: 7 Carmine St

To find Joe’s Pizza, arriving at the West 4th Street subway station, let yourself be guided by your nose and ears. All pizzas have a thin, crispy crust and they are topped by enough cheese. Everyone loves the inevitable at Joe’s tomato sauce: a good balance fresh-spicy.

Butterflies Go Free, Insectarium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Step into the main exhibition greenhouse, where a veritable ballet of softly shimmering colours awaits you. As you stroll through the space you can admire these splendid creatures – if you’re lucky, one might even land on you. Youngsters are sure to have stars in their eyes as they follow the butterflies’ aerial ballet, while their parents will enjoy observing them up close, like photographer Linden Gledhill, and admiring the intricate details of their scales.

The insects in Butterflies Go Free come from butterfly farms from 10 different countries. Butterfly farms are a way to protect butterflies and their habitats by creating fair-trade, sustainable businesses that get local communities involved. By encouraging butterfly farms through the years, the Montreal Insectarium has preserved more than 500 hectares of rainforest in Costa Rica, the equivalent of 1000 soccer fields.


Dates : February 19th to April 26th, 2015

• Butterflies are generally more active in the morning, on sunny days, and when there is a change in atmospheric pressure.
• Butterflies active at dusk become active around sunset.