Postdam, Land of Brandebourg, Germany

Potsdam is the capital and most populous city of the state of Brandenburg; it borders Berlin (to the southwest). The city was the residence of the kings of Prussia and there are many castles and parks and a bourgeois city center. Since 1990 the city has been on the UNESCO list for its cultural and natural heritage of humanity as the largest group of German world heritage sites. There are three universities, several research institutes and film and television production centers. 75% of the city is covered by green spaces. Its best-known monument is the Sanssouci Palace. To see: the Dutch Quarter, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Old Market Square, the Nauen Gate, Brandenburger Street with its shops, the film museum, etc.


If you are in Berlin, you can visit Potsdam with public transport. If you like walking, its parks are magnificent.

Bus, boat and walking tours are offered and you can purchase tickets easily online before your visit.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of the city and its rich historical past, there is also a historical trail named “City of Soviet Secret Services” 2.5 km long which informs with signs and mobile phone applications about the past of KGB city no7.