Bath, Somerset, England

Bath is a city in the county of Somerset, south-west England, located 180 km west of London and 25 km southeast of Bristol. The Avon River connects it to the sea. The hills which surround and define the city, reach a maximum altitude of 238 meters and they make the streets are steep and the buildings seem to climb the coasts. It was founded by the Romans in 50 BC (although it is said it existed before) they build thermal baths and a temple in the hills surrounding the city in the valley Avon around hot springs. One of the first activities of the city is tourism. To see: Bath Abbey which is also the largest concert hall in the city (Norman church built on pre-existing foundations), the Museum of Bath, the Royal Theatre, Victoria Art Gallery, the Museum of mode, the Jane Austen Centre, Royal Victoria Park, among others. It is also a cultural city with many activities and festivals. You will also find archaeological sites from the Roman era; around hot springs, we can see the Roman foundations, pillars and bathrooms but the stone above the level of the bath is more recent.


You can explore the city on foot, with the open top tour buses or by the river channels.
There is a train that connects the city to Paddington Station in London, to Temple Meads Station in Bristol as well as Cardiff, Exeter, Brighton, Southampton, Plymouth, Pensanze, Westbury, Warminster, Portsmouth and Salisbury.
You will also find two campsites.


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