Cruise, Southern Caribbean Islands

On board the Carnival Valor, we did a cruise around the southern Caribbean islands. In this video, we present the ship’s services and stops with excursions.

Day 1: San Juan in Puerto Rico, we visited Old San Juan with its fortresses, cruise port and had a spectacular night vieuw when the cruise departed San Juan.

Day 2: Arrival in St. Thomas. In the first part, we visit Coral World Ocean Park in Coki Beach with its fantastic flora and fauna. In the second part, we invite you to our snuba adventure where we dive to 20 feet deep, to enjoy all the sights of the seabed.

Day 3: A full day at sea to learn about the many activities for all ages offered by the ship. Impossible to get bored !!!

Day 4: Barbados, Bridgetown, with a mini tour and snorkeling excursion with sea turtles in the Bay of Carlisle.

Day 5: St. Lucia, the volcanic island greeted us with a unique and unparalleled beauty. We chose a Segway tour to climb the hill to get the best views of the island. The tour ends with a tropical fruit snack in the calm waters of Pigeon Island National Park.

Day 6: Arrival in St. Kitts and Nevis. There, aboard a catamaran, we had lunch, music and drinks, we headed to the diving paradise in a bay on the island of Saint Kitts and then tracks of luxury Four Seasons Hotel on the island of Nevis.

Day 7: arriving in Saint Maarten, Phillipsburg, we learn that for security reasons, we could not leave port because of a tropical storm the day before that left a flooded city.

Day 8: return to San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Every day you receive in your cabin the next day route with possible excursions to do. They will give you an idea of what can be done on the site and you can decide on these routes, ride alone or share with other passengers in a minivan to reduce costs.
If you decide to buy the excursions of the cruise, ask about packages.


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