Corfu, Greece

Corfu or Corcyra, capital of the periphery of the Ionian Islands, is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, on the western side of Greece, near its border with Albania. It is an island full of beauty that presents gigantic faults that were born in the tertiary. The island has three very different zones, in the north the mountains, to the south the plains and to the center the hills and it has three large lagoons. Mount Pantokrator, 906 m, is its highest point. It is the greenest area of Greece because it is both moist and fertile. To see: the residence of the British governors where is the Museum of the Asian arts; the Achilleion (residence built by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sissi); the monasteries of Vlachernes and Pontikoníssi; the palace of Mon Repos; the Byzantine castle of Angelókastro; the Old Fort and Fort Neuf; Palaia Peritheia (the oldest village); the beaches of Glyfáda, Sidári, Rhóda, Ágios Stéphanos, Ágios Górdios, Palaiokastrítsa; among others.


From November to March (winter), it often rains and in summer it is really hot and it is very sunny. The month of July is generally the driest.

If you have the opportunity to visit Corfu at Easter, you could enjoy the well-known festivities. During the 3 days before Easter, all the schools of music, in full uniform, march through the streets of the city, until late at night and Easter Saturday at 11 am exactly, the inhabitants throw pitchers and pots full of water through the windows covering the streets of broken shards.

In September, the Corfu festival takes place with performances of plays, ballets, concerts and operas.

If you like hiking, you will find trails around Mount Pantokrator.




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