Warnemünde, Germany

Warnemünde is a seaside resort at the mouth of the Warnow; north of the city of Rostock and overlooking the Baltic Sea. It is a small town known for having beautiful beaches of 150 meters wide, its small fishing port, the sale of fresh fish on the spot and its walk along the Old Canal, with several restaurants, pubs and kiosks selling typical or craft products depending on the season of the year. It is also an important port of call for cruise ships and tourism is one of its most important resources. You can find an old lighthouse built in 1897 that still operates and close to it, a building called Teepott (teapot in German) with a curved roof that dates from 1926; it was renovated in 2002; it houses restaurants. In the old part of the city, you will find picturesque fishermen’s houses, very well maintained. You can also visit the church dating from 1866.


If you want to go to Rostock and you are 4 people or more, you can take a train ticket for the group traveling together and you will get a very good price. You will have to go to the Tourist Office to get it.

If you visit the city while doing a cruise, it is possible to visit Warnemünde and Rostock in the same day.

In summer it is possible to visit the lighthouse tower (37 meters high) from where you can have a very beautiful view of the Baltic Sea even as the northern districts of Rostock.

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