Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest city in Uruguay, founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, after disputed and occupied by the Spaniards who lived in Buenos Aires, it keeps the mixture in its constructions of two occupants. It is located in front of Buenos Aires on the bank of the River Plate. The historical part of the town invites us to a journey through time, with streets paved, its houses with one modest and colorful floor, typical lighting, its lighthouse, its ruins, classic old cars, beach, its artisans and restaurants serving traditional dishes of the River Plate. Its inhabitants are very friendly and they highly value the passage of tourists worldwide.


To get an excellent view of the city, go to the lighthouse (nineteenth century). You can also visit the ruins of the Convent of St. Francis near the lighthouse. The most beautiful street is the Sighs Street near the Major Square with its colorful houses with wooden roofs covered with tile. Colonia is the place to buy your travel souvenirs as many craftsmen live there. If you want to have a relax holiday, Colonia is a good choice. It is a city to rest, walk, take beautiful photos as if you are in a time scenario.

Villa Cura Brochero, Córdoba, Argentina

Villa Cura Brochero is a city in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, located 150 km southwest of the provincial capital Córdoba. The city lies along the Panaholma River in the Traslasierra Valley, between the Achala and Pocho Mountains at 909 meters above sea level. Tourists choose this place for the beauty of its mountains, the beaches on the river and its particular microclimate. Its original name was Villa del Transito but as a tribute to the priest (‘cura’ in Spanish) José Gabriel Brochero (recognized saint for the Catholic Church), it changed its name. You can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Transit and Saint Cura Brochero and the Brocheriano Museum which keeps several sacred items even as items that have been part of the life of the priest.


Take the opportunity to visit Mina Clavero, another beautiful town separated from Villa Cura Brochero only by the Panaholma River.

If you like to try local products, there is a drink called Fernet that is handcrafted in the city. It is a kind of digestive made with natural herbs, quite bitter.

You will find a good hotel structure in the region but note that there are also several campsites.

If you like to walk, you will like to do it all along the river or in the middle of nature, it is an ideal place for that.


Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Cartagena de Indias is a port city and the capital of Bolívar Department, Colombia. It is located on the northern coast of the country, at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, about 120 km from Barranquilla. It has been very important to the Spanish Empire for almost three centuries; it was also a center for the slave trade itself as well as the transit of gold from looting destined for Spain. The city and its fortress are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. There are several fortifications such as the fortress of San Felipe de Barajas and its twelve kilometers of ramparts. The historic center is inside the ramparts. It has a semi-arid tropical climate. To see: the San José Bastion, the San Fernando Fort of Bocachica, the Church of Santo Domingo, the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the Gold Museum, the Church of Saint Peter Claver and the sanctuary with the relics of the saint. It is a very touristy city and also receives a lot of people thanks to the cruise ships. Most hotels, restaurants and shops are located in the Bocagrande area.


Avoid traveling in May-June or October-November as rain will be present.

Let yourself be charmed by the old colonial city, you will find many colorful and flowery balconies, monuments, even churches as small restaurants very pleasant.

For a lively night out, go to Santo Domingo Square, the perfect place to have a drink and mix with the city’s residents. You will also find a famous statue of Botero, the Gorda Gertrudis (the fat Gertrude).

If you like the beach, ask about visiting nearby islands either by land or with small excursion boats.