Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea known for its chasms. It is the largest and most mountainous of the Ionian Islands. The main cities are Argostoli, the capital, Lixouri in the peninsula of Paliki, and Sami. More than a third of the inhabitants of the island are in Argostoli. The island has remarkable natural formations, you can find katavothres also known as sea mills (holes that swallow sea water), the cave of Melissani and Drogarati cave. Its highest point is Ainos Mount (1628 meters) with its national park created to protect the pine of Kefalonia. Unfortunately it is an earthquake zone. The island remained mostly wild and that’s what today it brings a tourist who appreciates this kind of condition that does not exist elsewhere. The island had a significant emigration and many of its inhabitants have gone to the United States, Canada or Australia. To visit: St. George fortress, the ruins of the fortress of Assos, the remains of St Mark’s Church, the underground lake Melissani, the caves of katavothres, the museum and the library of Korgialenios, the remains of the Roman city in Skala, St. Gerasimos monastery; among others.


There is a cave 4 km southwest of Sami that descends to a depth of 95 meters and it s upper limit is 60 meters under sea level. If your visit is especially in summer, find out because it is possible to attend concerts because of the very good acoustic sound. Its temperature is constant at 18 ° C with a humidity of 90%, so it would be convenient to bring a jacket or a sweater long sleeves.

Maratea, Potenza, Basilicate, Italy

Maratea is an Italian commune in the province of Potenza, in the Basilicata region of southern Italy; with a splendid location along the Tirreno Sea. Its 32 km of coastline are dotted with cliffs, beaches and small coves, and have more than 50 caves. The mountains of the hinterland arrive directly to the sea, creating a picturesque visual contrast and beautiful panoramas; they are covered with pine forests and a specific flora. The Maratea Coast has more than twenty beaches. The largest is Gnola. Calaficarra is set among the rocks and caves. There are also beaches with black sand. To see: Castrocucco Castle, the Carrara marble statue of Christ the Redeemer 22 meters on Mount San Biagio, the obelisk of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Basilica of St. Blaise, the Church of St. Mary, the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of Saint Antonio among others.


If you visit Maratea in May, try to be present at the celebration of the anniversary of the translation of Saint Blaise relics that lasts a whole week, the first Saturday in May to the second Sunday of the month. This holiday, with early origins, celebrates the arrival of the relics of the saint in Maratea, which took place in May in 732.
It is an ideal destination for those wishing to spend a holiday by the sea, relax and also to explore the culture and taste the authentic flavors.
Take a nice walk in the historical center you can admire the medieval structure with narrow streets and imposing buildings, as well as artistic and architectural evidence.

Villefranche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur, France

Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the Côte d’Azur between Nice and Monaco, on the Mediterranean, is spread stepped on the bay of Villefranche. It is famous because many cruises stop there. Thanks to the high cliffs, the city is protected from winds. The city has received several personalities and there were made over a hundred films and numerous commercials.


You will find beautiful souvenirs of trip: products made basic with Provence lavender, wine, soft drinks, spices and other craft items. Go around, the streets of the city will give you the feeling of going back several centuries: the Dark Street, a street covered of 130 meters, dating from 1260; the Chapelle St-Pierre of the sixteenth century, situated on the fishing port; St. Elme citadel which houses the City Hall and other monuments as well chapels, will capture your attention.
Swim in its clear waters is an unforgettable experience.
Take advantage of your stay to visit its three neighboring towns: Nice, Monaco and Menton. You can also take the train and go up to Ventimiglia (Italian border).