Arizona, United States of America

Arizona is a State in the West of the United States; bordered by California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and the Mexican States of Baja California and Sonora; located in the southwest of the country. The State is known for its rich desert landscape and its plants xerophytes (adapted to dry environments), as cactus, and for its climate which has very hot summers and mild winters. Arizona is also composed of the plateau of Colorado with its pine forests, in the North-Central portion of the State. It has a hilly terrain, where more than half of the area is composed of mountains and plateaus; which formation dates back to the prehistoric volcanism. The main rivers are the Colorado; a river that carved the Grand Canyon, the Gila and Salt River. The most important cities are Phoenix (its capital), Tucson, Mesa and Flagstaff. There are also twenty Indian reserves in the region. Tourists frequent the numerous natural and historic Arizona parks. The Grand Canyon is the best-known, busiest and widest of all.


There are several possibilities to visit the Grand Canyon. You can have an overview of the whole by making an overview by plane or helicopter. You can also arrive by car and then take a bus where cars are not allowed, and you can even make an excursion by boat by the Colorado River. Each experience will be unforgettable and you can make more than one if you stay a few days in the region because it’s worth it.
If you visit the area in summer by car, plan to have everything you need for camping because you will find interesting positions to do it and bring plenty of water. It is advisable to take maps and information from the tourist service positions and learn more about the climatic conditions to avoid problems.
You also have other activities to do like to relax in a spa or in a golf land.

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