Maho Beach, Saint Martin, West Indies

Maho Beach is a beach located in Saint Martin, in the Dutch part of the island, in the West Indies. It is world famous because it is very close Princess Juliana Airport from where thousands of tourists from all over the world meet day by day for the simple fact of seeing the planes pass over their heads and feel the sensation that this causes depending on the size of the aircraft. The track is really short (2180m) that is why this proximity to the ground is inevitable. The aircrafts that are ready for take-off are just a few meters from the beach and the reactors are in the direction of the bathers. Depending on the type of airplane, people on the beach may receive objects, stones, sand, violently thrown or they could be thrown into the water. You can see small aircraft even as Boeing 747 or Airbus A340. There are signs that indicate you are in an accident hazard area but there is no authority monitoring on the site. We find hotels, the famous Sunset Bar and Grill and other restaurants and nightclubs near the beach.


In the Sunset Bar & Grill you can find tables with flight schedules.

You have time to see the aircraft in the horizon to choose your position to make your photos or videos.

Take note that the beach is small and is always quite congested so bring just the necessary, there is no space to relax to sunbathe and of course this is not a place to relax.

Catalina, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Catalina is a tropical island of the Caribbean Sea, located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic in the province of La Romana. There are no inhabitants on the island but it receives thousands of people through the cruise ships that let their passengers spend a day of relax, sea and beach. Everything awaits you to enjoy this paradisiacal place; you will find sun loungers, parasols, services, snorkelling, etc. A buffet meal will also be offered by your cruise line. The island is a small paradise with stunning white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. It takes half an hour to get there from La Romana. You can snorkel or dive to discover its colorful fish. The island is surrounded by corals.


When leaving the ship, do not forget to bring the necessary items for a day of beach, especially sunscreen, glasses and towels. The rest you can find on site and the chairs are free. But be careful in the sea because there is no surveillance.

Consider that you will be transported there by the rescue boats of your ship and if you have sea sickness, plan to take your medicine against transport sickness and bring it to take it before returning.

You will find local craft items so bring in a little money if you want to buy some souvenirs.

If you like Latin music, you will have the opportunity to dance or learn how to dance with the local animation staff.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Bimini Islands, Bahamas

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is part of the Bimini chain of Islands in the Western Bahamas, at 104.5 km East of Miami. It was an industrial sand excavation area but MSC Cruises decided to transform it into a marine reserve respecting the local ecosystem. A lovely place with white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. This place is only for MSC Cruises’ guests. The ships will arrive early in the morning and it’ll stay there till late evening to give an entire day to the guests including evening shows. Different activites are offered to the guests like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, boat rides and much more. You can also have the spa treatments into small private cabanas surrounded by soft relaxing music facing to the sea and beaches. There are some shops too where you can buy souvenirs of the Bahamian culture or MSC logo souvenirs. There’s also the possibility to celebrate a wedding or renew vows. MSC Yacht Club members have an exclusive beach area and private cabanas. You have good food options in the buffet restaurant and some food trucks placed in different corners of the cay. There are still works running and different projects to preserve the reserve must still be done but you can enjoy a lovely day there cause it doesn’t disturb the beauty of the place. The access to Ocean Cay is direct and very easy.


You must just take your beach towel and your cruise card with you. The same package you have on board continue on the beach.

You will just need some money if you want to buy something from the artisans, for the rest of souvenirs, you can pay with the ship card.

If you are in a small group, you can rent a cabana for the day. You must book it the day before at the excursions’ counter on the ship as well as other excursions or activities.