Saint Paul de Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Saint Paul de Vence is a French commune in the Alpes-Maritimes region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The village stands on a rocky outcrop between the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean, 26 km from Nice. At the time of François 1st, he ordered to raise the ramparts of the city (1544-1547) and we still find them there. There are several interesting places to visit such as the Cemetery of St-Paul de Vence where we find the tomb of Marc Chagall and St. Michael Chapel; the Collegiate Church of the Conversion of St-Paul (XII-XIII century); the Pontis (a passing above the High Street, dating from the fifteenth century); Seigneuriale tower that is currently the Mayor (at the church side), the Aqueduct of Moulins (that fed the mills of the town); the Local History Museum; the Chapel of the Holy Cross ((seventeenth century), among others.


It is a beautiful place to spend a quiet holiday and to know the history of the town and feel transported several centuries away.
It is also a place of art. The Maeght Foundation hosts temporary exhibitions and sculptures in situ in the park; you can visit the rooms and gardens.
There is another important famous place but visits aren’t allowed; the Inn of the Pigeon of gold where there are works of great painters as Modigliani, Picasso, Braque, Chagall. among others. The place works as an inn and restaurant anyway.


Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, located between Greenland and Norway, north-west of the Faroe Islands; a few miles south of the Arctic Circle. The country is made up of a large island (99.7% of its area) with some small islands and islets nearby. It is a country known for volcanism, geysers, highlands (center) and fjords and lack of vegetation. Most of the population is settled in the Reykjavik area. Other important cities are Akureyri (port city) and Keflavik where is the international airport. Its climate is tundra but thanks to the Gulf Stream, the temperature in its south and west coasts do not go much farther than 0 ° C. The country receives a lot of tourism especially in summer and the three most visited sites are the Pingvellir National Park, the Gulfoss Falls and Geysir geothermal field. You can also visit the protected glaciers in the Vatnajokull and Snaefellsjokull National Parks. If you want to know a little about the history of the Vikings, visit the National Museum and the Sagas Museum in Reykjavik.


If you want to travel the country by car, take the main road (road 1) that goes around the island and connects most of the habitable areas. If you think of taking the roads in the interior of the country, you need a 4×4 vehicle because there are many fords but in winter they are usually closed.

There is also the possibility of taking bus lines during the summer season.

You will also find some ferries to go to small islands and a ferry for vehicles if you want to go to Denmark via the Faroe Islands, from the port of Seydisfjordur.

To see the northern lights, visit the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón, in the south-east of the country.

Pastry Roberto, Taormina, Sicily

Pastry Roberto is known as the best place to eat cannoli in Taormina filled at the tmoment. The store is managed by Roberto Chemi and son and it is visited by tourists from around the world. When you ask a resident of Taormina where to find this local delicious product, you will always get that answer first: With Roberto. The place is not on a main road and it gives it even more charm to find because you should walk through the narrow streets to get there. Once you get there, you will not know where to look and what to try, there is not just cannoli but also delicious little pastries made with almond paste stuffed with various fine fruits; marzipan, nougat, etc. All products are made on site and you can eat them there or take them out. I visited the place at 3 different times and the production does not stop, customers go in and out at any time and Roberto and his son give their best at every moment. I found smiling people proud of their profession, very kind, I saw the production of goods and I have tasted many. I loved it and I arecommend to visit this place which has become a must in Taormina. The place is also very, very clean.


The shop is open from early morning until 22:00. If you want to take the confections as a souvenir for your loved ones, they will enjoy them a lot. Remember that the cannoli can not be taken away because they are stuffed with ricotta prepared and filled at the moment but you can eat all that you want during your stay in town.