Cetona, Siena, Toscana, Italy

Cetona is an Italian municipality of the province of Siena, in Toscana that since 2001 is included in the list of the most beautiful Italian towns. You can see Garibaldi Square in the middle of the town with an important palace with a notice saying Garibaldi and his wife slept there in 1849. You can also find two interesting churches St-Mary’s Annunciation that make part of the houses of the town with its rich interior artwork fating from the XIIth century and St-Michael’s Arcangelo just opposite it., founded in 1155. There’s also a stone fountain in the square. You can also find Rivellino Tower which is a vestige of Cetona’s wall of defence; actually, this tower is one of the entrance to the historic center. To see: the government building, the Holly Trinity church, the Monastery of St-Francis, the Civic Museum, among others.


If you visit Cetona in April, you’ll see a very beautiful festival Cetona in flower, on April, 25th. The square is full with blossoms and many private gardens are open for a visit. There are also different activities for the whole family.

Another interesting event takes place at the end of July-beginning of August with the Race of the Ceramic Pitcher where men and women take part or a race carrying water pitchers of different weights around the square and trying not to lose any water.

Enjoy going to the Belvedere Archeodromo, an outdoor park outside the town; it’s very interesting cause it’s an Archaeological Park. It’s good to visit with children.

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